Zimura will pay around $23 million in royalties.

Starting tomorrow, the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) will pay $23 million in royalties to 3300 indigenous musicians.

According to Zimura deputy director Henry Makombe, the lowest-paid musician would be paid $12, while the highest-paid musician would be paid more than $400,000.

He declined to reveal the names of the musicians, but word has it that music artist Jah Prayzah will receive the largest check.

Every year on June 1st, the musicians’ royalties collecting association distributes royalties to its members based on the success of songs on the market, including radio and public venues such as nightclubs.

The association, whose mission is to safeguard and promote the rights of musicians, distributed royalties totaling more than $4 million in 2020.

“In comparison to the previous year, we were able to collect higher royalties this year, and we attribute this to the adoption of the US$ rate.

“Our clients pay in foreign money or the equivalent in official bank rate.

Zimura will pay around $23 million in royalties.

“Apart from the foreign currency element, the business sector is developing, and as a result, music demand has risen in lockstep,” Makombe explained.

In a similar spirit, overseas musicians will receive a part of the $30,810 raised during the time period under consideration.

“Zimura has millions of overseas members who are registered with sister organizations all around the world,” Makombe stated.

This year, ZBC was paid $118.84 per play, while Star FM and ZiFM Stereo were paid $19.89 and $12.55, respectively.

“Radio stations including Diamond FM, Nyaminyami FM, Hevoi FM, Capitalk, and 98.4 FM were unable to enroll in the June 2021 allocation due to two factors: late log sheets and undistributable money paid,” he explained.

ZBC paid $5.31 per play last year, while Star FM paid $0,75. “This year, we were able to raise $4 572 via digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify,” Makombe said.

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