YoungstaCPT – 1000 Mistakes

YoungstaCPT releases ‘1000 Mistakes’ visuals.

Taken from his award-winning debut album “3 T” nominated by SAMA, “1000 Mistakes” is the moving new music video by YoungstaCPT, which contains redemption themes and the common human experience of being imperfect and being able to make peace with that thought. AirDee created the beat with lyrics written by YoungstaCPT, who says about the song — the beat was created by AirDee.

“No-one is perfect… we live with regrets and hurts, we lose loved ones and have to live with what we did wrong… the things we should and shouldn’t have said… This song is about being at peace with those things – with the fact that as long as we are alive we’re gonna commit sins we may or may not be forgiven for, but at some point we got to forgive ourselves, so we can move on, live better, be better, or at least be at peace and get on with things”

The video was shot by Cape Town based Moody Visualz who also shot YoungstaCPT’s recently released “Better Than Money” clip.

“Moody’s work speaks for itself… his work ethic is like mine, so working with him is easy. He’s managed to push out tons of quality content. We met through Ameen Harron in 2019 and since then it’s been a great working relationship. We shot this music video during lockdown over the course of a few months working around certain restrictions in CPT. We even got my Grandfather in despite the difficult restrictions, I’d say we managed to get it done marvellously.”

Download: YoungstaCPT – 1000 Mistakes