Young G25 drops Lala Ma Out

Gift Moyo, also known as “Young G25,” is a Zimbabwean trap artist. He developed a passion for music as a child, and at the age of 19, he transitioned into artistry.

He’s been in and out of the studio since then, releasing singles and collaborating on projects. The song in question, “Lala Ma Out,” is one to pay attention to.

Young G25 drops Lala Ma Out

Young G25 wrote the song while assisting Graham Planks on the “Late Night (Talkin’ To The Moon)” EP, which he appeared on. When the two artists were working on “Trap House,” another hit song they did together, they recorded “Lala Ma Out” at HP Manyenga studios.

“Lala Ma Out” is a simple vibe that traps fans all over the world love. It talks about different types of girls and tries to picture all of them in party mode, camping out at a party or the club and loosening up.

Young G25 collaborated on a song called “We Dancing” with Sbue, Young Baby. This is yet another party jam that trap fans will get addicted to. Young G25 has an exquisite flavor that rays between local and foreign pit, but it’s impossible to tell who he sounds like because he still sounds like himself.

Young G25 is currently working on an Afro Pop song called Ndakupihwa NaMwari (God gave me you). This is a love song dedicated to the lady that a man considers to be a gift from God. It is about fundamental respect and admiration for women. Fans should expect a new number to bump to, as well as a new number to devote to their loved ones and build memories with Young G25. Swizzy SA is featured in the album, and release dates will be released soon!

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