Will Boity Respond To Moozlie’s Shade With A Diss Track?

It is all chaos and the battle of the Femcees as the battle line looks drawn between contenders for the industry tiara in Boity and Moozlie.

Both acts have now become the subject of the trends as a fallout to the recently released album of Nomuzi Mabena which she titled the “Spirit Of An OG Album.”

While much of the drama has been centred around the beef with actress Samkelo Ndlovu, there has been salvo shots fired against Boity Thulo.

On one of the records, Moozlie threw massive jabs and punches at Boity; dragging the latter for her use of ghost writers which the model and TV personality has never denied.

The New Age Ma Brrr flosses that she is only friends with other Femcees who are artistic enough to write their own material.

“Y’all may be hot, but boy you know that yo sh*t ain’t perfect. You know I’m friends with everyone that writes her verses. Yourself included.” Moozlie got lethal.

Taking things further on social media, Moozlie also directly mentioned Boity’s manager Bash Vision without caring whose ox was gored.

She claims Boity’s only claim to her first platinum gong was because of Nasty C for their collaboration on the monster hit record “Wuz Dat.”

Many have claimed Africa’s Coolest Kid wrote Boity’s verse on the epic blockbuster but Moozlie has been noted to have used ghostwriters herself in the past.

Now it is left to be seen how this latest sqabble on these streets play out but both Femcees have now become a subject of the trends.

Do you think Boity will drop a fiery diss track in response to Moozlie’s shade? You can also join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.