Who is Ace DeRoyce

Ace DeRoyce is a new wave rapper, lyricist, storyteller, songwriter, dancer, and entertainer whose hip hop/trap sounds incorporate all styles or parts of other genres.

In one project, he mixes poetry and rhythm to create both a story and catchy engaging music.

Real Name : Takudzwa Fidelis [Professionally known as Ace DeRoyce]

Date Of Birth: 28 January 2002

Hometown : PLA North,Bulawayo

Genre : Hip Hop/Rap/Trap/Kwaito

Instrument : Vocals

Years Present 2018-Till Present

The rapper says no one in the industry inspired him but he slowly developed a passion for it as he used to listen to hip hop instrumentals when he was on dance practice. Currently, he is working on an EP and is looking forward to dropping an album in the near future.

Girlfriend : I’m taken,but its better to keep her anonymous for now.

Education: Made it to A level but chose not to continue pursuing his pharmaceutical studies because of his passion for music and personal reasons.

Ace DeRoyce is an artist mainly based in Hip Hop, fresh out of the western outskirts of the City Of Kings.

“I always had a love for art and music, but I never thought I’d ever been a rappers/musician but I just danced my way into the industry as I was forced into it because of my hip hop dancing profession which I chose to leave behind because of academic pressure.

I still found a way to express my self through the art of hip hop.” says the young rapper. He is well known for being affiliated with Kotiion & Real_i’ance,Tinaash among others and he once performed for Uno XO & Tinaash X.O’s Boom EP Launch Show.

The rapper says he is driven by emotions not by competition, current trends, or any other factor. But it’s the emotion that inspires him and that is why he tends to switch lanes when it comes to his style of beats, he says the only sound that people can familiarize themselves with is the crazy 808s (Heavy Drum Bass) only.

The rapper continues to say that he likes to experiment with different hip-hop sounds in order to create his own peculiar sound. He continues to say that the experimenting aspect might have developed since childhood as he would smash and break his toys to find out what made them do what they did and it later developed in high school as he was a Science student.

This curiosity and experimenting aspect however jumped in his music career as he says when he listens to hit songs from artists like Drake; he spends time listening to them capturing every bar and beat, figuring out the key ingredients to making a hit song that lasts. Moreover, Ace says his career was driven by a lot of things including the fact that he chose to pursue it as it was more like a drug that temporarily numbed his emotional distress and the depression he went through in his late teenage years. He continues to say that music was the only way he could make people close to him feel and understand what he was and is going through.

He continues to clarify that he is not going to be and will not be involved in beef or rap battles because he doesn’t want to stir up hatred amongst himself and other artists instead he wants to connect them together so that making it in the industry becomes easy as they all work together as a team, although they might have different visions and agendas. He quoted that if anyone disses him, he’ll not respond not because he’s scared or he is unable but because he’s not interested in taking that route.

On the other hand, Ace DeRoyce says he’s not into self-proclaimed titles of bragging that he is the king of what-nut when he knows that he has to be humble because there are other artists who are better than him. He says he’ll only accept titles that people will offer or say he is. He says the only likable title he has gotten from people in his circle is “Umfana new Wave” which translates to  The New Wave Kid/Boy.

He further elaborates that he accepted it because it resonates with what he is doing, he is a new wave kid as his beats are new wave-type beats. Moreover, he continues to say that even though he is gunning for the international recognition he still doesn’t forget that he has to represent Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and Africa as a whole.

He stresses that most up-and-coming artists should focus on incorporating things that happen in their society, not things that are foreign.”I’m not saying artists should not do things in English or the Western way but we should embrace our own culture not the Western. If you look at Nigeria’s art industry its flourishing, Why?… because in everything they do they incoperate local stuff, the language, the attires, the surroundings its all Afro-centric, Davido, Wizkid, Joeboy, Rema, Fireboy, and Burnaboy among others are madly successful artists who have made it and have worked with Western artists while still embracing their culture and most importantly their language.”, says Ace DeRoyce.

He continues to say that he realized that and that is why his music is in Ndebele so that his people can understand, mixed with English so the international world can understand too and finally he says he’s trying to learn Shona so he can incorporate it too so as to accommodate every Zimbabwean’s ear.

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