When’s the right time to have sex?

Why should sex be restricted in the morning and in the evening, and then in the afternoon?
For many people in relationships, sex is a very significant feature not just of love and physical intimacy, but also of a way to have fun in a relationship.

Irrespective of the position of the association, the time of day to have sex is often favoured. In the morning, either person can not be in the mood or be in the mood to have sex, and even in the evening, the same applies.

Morning sex can be a motivator as well as exercise, a perfect way to start the day, with people getting higher levels of testosterone and estrogen, two hormones that affect sexual appetite, Mind Body Green notes.

But why should we be confined to morning and evening sex, and then in the afternoon? There’s no ‘right’ time to have sex that appeals to everybody.

Twitter was on the brink of this argument, with many promoting morning sex: