Vybz Kartel – Yami Bolo (Official Music Video)

After his identity was exposed in last week’s Alkaline’s Cree music video, Dancehall giant, as the “Craft Man,” Vybz Kartel has returned with a new blood-splattering short film of equal morbidity. The official release of the song, Yami Bolo, today dropped on VybezKartelRadio via YouTube, throwing a series of seamless deprecating dissensions along with his eradicating visuals.

If this new single is a counteraction is not telling but there is definitely enough here for a lot of speculation. In retaliation for the election dubblates, Kartel also publicly announced that he will do ‘bay gun chunes.’ It looks like he’s going through with Yami Bolo and may probably have made his main target the “Craft Man” coiner.

The Worl ‘Boss could have aimed his strikes at his long time rival, the Vendetta Boss, with the use of the Kingston Story photo for the cover of the Yami Bolo single, (whose silhouette was used in Alkaline’s Cree video).

“The Teacha clearly starts his slaughter by reducing his rookie opponent,” Dem never kills no one yet. Nice yute dem, a mess dem a mek. “Even if you were a bomb yuh anuh threat,” then he cunningly takes his jab, “Yuh gyal a run pu-y anyweh mi deh,” going-in for destruction.

He continues, “Don’t tell mi bou ‘seh di gyal a slut, like calming an impudent minor, daring to back-chat his statements.” Mi know stuff bout yuh mada weh no. Asking his opponent not to think of his girl as a ho ‘for sleeping with him (Kartel) because she’s no better than his own mother, whom he knows. Longest livers see di most … I’ll live forever, nutt’n near a ghost. Some fans have speculated that these lines are aimed towards one of the impudent minors of Dancehall, Intence, who reacted last month to Foota Hype making such claims about his wife.

Think not even of retaliating either, “Yolo … Mi nuh leff di fifty, like my name Yami Bolo. Five Benelli fired, Teddy ‘s got a pistol for yuh. Kairo gi ‘yuh, wul yuh shot a ring, Claro phone yuh, “he cautions suggesting that not only is he still packing, but his bullets strike like a ringing phone in fast successions. Moreover, “Yuh nuh merit nutt’n, done yuh free, pro bono,” resolving that he would only take the life of his competitor free of charge.

Then it says, “Waterford mi train, to explain exactly how it will be done.” Kill the boy as he breaks his face. Nyam dem diet, grace to the nah seh nuh. Wait, ugly face a back inna di days of badness. Laugh and give him a shot, one in his ears.

The really gothic music video is probably the worst kind of horror that has ever been seen of its kind up to now. Guided by Romillion Entertainment and filmed by Lagikz Visualz, in the midst of an unfolding assassination, viewers are gripped with the right slap.

A composed female GAZA executive initiates the hit, she’s busy with a kidnapping so she tells the informant, “Let’s di ‘Pings’ dem deal with it. Take it to the VP. “We know this as Sikka Rymes, who in the visuals is making his show-stopping cameo.

We instantly see what the GAZA assassins seem to be dispatching inside a gaunt-looking group from many places. Finally, to narrow in on their targets, they monopolize every part of the city. One is led to Sikka, who easily wipes out his subject without compassion, sending blood splattering into the air and his dead body into a channel of water. The other is discovered hidden behind a wall later on, and is dealt with by the killers.