Vybz Kartel – Skate (Official Video) ft. Sikka Rymes

Vybz Kartel – Skate (Official Video) ft. Sikka Rymes. If Dancehall fans felt the Worl’Boss had finished shooting at his enemies for the year, they were mistaken.

Kartel rolled out the savage diss track and visuals on Friday for ‘Skate’ featuring Sikka Rhymes, a growing Gaza affiliate. The lyrics, place, and light-skinned adversary form a beeline for none other than I Waata and Intence, adversaries of Gaza, who have been feuding with camp members since April. In their enigmatic September single Mayhem, the song is a scathing clap back, which quotes an anonymous enemy with a “tiny gyal” who “been aback it.”

The video directed by Face Xpression opens with SWAT Team Radio Chatter before pinning the location at the Tavern, from which both Intence and I Waata come.

The storyline follows a fair-skinned “mad dawg” who snatches the shoes of someone else and is cut down quickly for it. Of course, the shoes in question are Clarks, the brand of shoes that Kartel brought to mainstream popularity just over a decade ago. In order to execute the “easy kill” and recover the loot, the owner of the pair calmly confronts the thief before sending a female assassin.

It is worth mentioning that for the murder of an associate, Kartel, Shawn Storm, and two others were convicted, allegedly over “shoes”-which is thought to be code for illegal weapons.

Kartel promised to give his enemies “hell from in a cell” when the squabble began earlier this year, and the hitmaker has not let up. “Kartel spits,” None a dem nuh badder dan mi nws shoes dem/ Mussi have a magician round dssso a fool dem/ Pan a knock, bush wacker, black blood, ah who dem? “delivering some gritty barbs on the thumping bassline, Badda dan, K shot, mek some bwoy start pan dem hand skate, skate pan pon dem hand Skate-skate-skate / Skate pan pon dem hand skate.

Sikka Rhymes, who back in April voiced a solo diss track for Intence on Addi ‘s behalf called Dem Nuh Bad, was ready again in his mentor ‘s defense with more hard-hitting bars. Hear dem yah-boom boom boom, sumadi missing/ When di chrome dem weh nuh glisten rise up/ All of them are doing a watch face, dem nuh see dem time up? Minus, tek weh dem gyal cah mi nuh buy f***/ Who’s up with the style? It would be a gross understatement to say Gaza fans are excited, as the views climb steadily towards the 150 K mark.

Kartel’s fans are currently at 100 K, claiming a clear bias, alleging that Youtube had the visuals stuck for two hours at 69K. The beef of His and Intence began as a tit for tat over trend, but the all-to-familiar battle did not stop the Gazanation from praising the artistry of their leader once again.

Di Teacha has his fans reading all the way into the details and enjoying every bit from an Intence parry look-alike to the image of a smiling ‘world’ on the shirt worn by the killer.

“I USE TO BE A FAN, BUT AFTER HEARING THIS MASTERPIECE, I’M A WHOLE AIR CONDITIONER!!! #GAZA #FULLYUPGRADE”, one fan wrote while another said, “Dem kill intense Ina him owna yard, that’s a big disrespect tpc, mi see di location “Tavern” from dem cah run dem place a which part else dem ago run.”

It looks like another win for the Worl’ Boss, with this cryptic blow to those still trying to fill his shoes. As yet another Gaza enthusiast quipped, “from yuh try size up or walk inna #ADDI shoes yuh affi pay d price, “shoes yuh want shoes yuh get”.

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