Vuyo Brown’s Exclusive Interview With Niasha

Vuyo Brown is a Zimbabwean Singer, Songwriter, and Christian Contemporary artist.

Born Nokufeza Vuyolethu Ngwenya, she grew up in Bulawayo for the most part. She began singing at an early age and made her public debut when she became part of the church music team at the age of 14. At high school, she sang in the Vernacular Choir and Rocappella at the Bulawayo Dominican Convent.

Vuyo Brown went professional into the music industry in 2014. She was a member of various groups in Bulawayo between 2014 and 2016. She went on in July 2016 to release her first single NdiJesu. The song rocked in 2018 on the Skyz Metro FM Gospel 10, as it was re-released that year as part of their debut album. The song’s mbira and bass guitar fusion emit an Afro-Fusion sound. In 2015 NdiJesu wrote as a tribute to her mother. It has a line from the popular “Wandirasa” by Chiwoniso Maraire. It’s a song for anybody who goes through some sort of pain, it’s an encouragement to pray and hold on.

Her second single, ‘Tichatamba’ was released in 2017. The track with EDM is worlds away from her first. Two UK radio stations, Premier Gospel and Salt FM, are on rotation.

30 June 2018 Her 8 track debut album ‘Grace Fulfilled’ was released by Vuyo Brown.

Vuyo sees herself as an artist of various genres who enjoys exploring God ‘s idea and truth through art. She makes music because she feels it is meant to bring joy and healing. She hopes her music will lead people to want, have or improve their relationship with God.

She released a single, “Thula Wazi” (Be Still and Know) on September 20, 2019. In a dark time, it is a song of optimism and inspiration. It has been rocking radio stations around the country; being in the TOP 10 for 5 weeks on the ZiFM Top 40 Chart; ruling for 6 weeks on the Skyzmetro FM Gospel Chart at number 1, and 6 weeks on the Khulumani FM Gospel Chart at number 1. Because of its message, it has been beloved by people in and outside Zimbabwe. It is on Trace Gospel and One Gospel rotation.


2016 – NdiJesu (single)

2017 – Tichatamba (single)

2018 – Grace Fulfilled (Début album)

2019 – The Praise Song (single)

2019 – Thula Wazi (single)


2017 – Runyararo (single with Base Wasilewski)

2017 – Londisizwe (Londisizwe – End Child Marriages short film soundtrack)


2017 BICC Bulawayo District Youth Concert

2017 Direct Worship Concert

2018 Call to Worship. Harare.

2019 Friday Late (Bulawayo Art Gallery) May and July.

2019 Berita Live and Unplugged

2019 Bulawayo Night of Worship

2019 Intwasa Festival: Women, Wine and Words. Zimbabwe

2020 Bulawayo Arts Festival

2020 “UN at 75” Online Concert


2020 Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) Best Jazz Nominee

Vuyo Brown’s Exclusive Interview With Niasha

How did music start the journey? I just fell in love with it when i was a kid. I started getting more exposed to it at 9years old and haven’t looked back since.

What was the trigger point that made you want to go into music? There wasn’t a trigger per se because in high school I already knew I wanted to do it professionally. I just wanted to do other things as well but my pastor spoke into my life one day. This assured me God would definitely be behind this. I just believe in doing what God approves, it’s bound to succeed.

What is it that most inspire you? A balance between the Holy Spirit and the exploration of different realities.

What is your favorite instrument in music, and why? The guitar, it moves the soul.

What would you have been had you not become a musician? I am already many other things besides a musician.

Have you ever stepped into the music director’s block? Yes.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever had? Lol. When I was a teenager, I was taken into police custody for loitering.

Who are your favorite singers of all time? My favorite singers of all time are Jessie J, Jazmine Sullivan, Nicole Bus, Chiwoniso Maraire, Aretha Franklin, and Yebba.

What would have been your dream collaboration? Lauren Daigle, Takura, Mali Music.

What’s your favorite song to play? Mhm. It depends on the season. Lately, it was Thula Wazi.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? “Believe in yourself.”

If you could change something about the industry, what would it be like? I’d make it an actual industry.

What tips do you have for newcomers? Upcoming musicians never stop pushing like an upcoming musician.

Ok, what’s next for you? So much more.

How do you get people to follow you? Vuyobrownzw on all social media and Vuyo Brown on YouTube.

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