Viewers respond to Mohale’s Rhythm City debut

Mohale Motaung, the socialite and TV star, finally made his debut last night as Kudzo on eTV’s hit soapie Rhythm City, after receiving major backlash on social media on how he landed the new role.

Phil Mphela broke the news of his casting on Twitter, which ruffled the feathers of tweeps, following his following after entertainment commentator. Users of social media dragged him from hell to back and accused him of landing the role due to his famous husband, Somizi Mhlongo, being married.

Angie Mosepidi wrote, “If you want to be in the entertainment industry and you don’t know someone in the entertainment industry or have a family member, the chances of doing it are very slim.” It won’t even matter whether ur a good actor or u studied arts.

Some dragged him for not getting a formal acting degree and said that for students who studied acting, he was shutting down opportunities.

His husband Somizi posted a hilarious GIF, along with the caption, “Sometimes this is the response u need to send to trolls” to deliver a spicy clap back to haters. Instead of appreciating the love of his legion of fans who were waiting with bated breath for his debut, Mohale preferred to hold his head up high and mize the negativity.

Last night, his long-awaited debut left many of his fans at the edge of their group, as they wanted to see him deliver his art.

“Mohale enters the world of Rhythm City as a sponsorship manager for a large cell phone company in a press release from the show” Mohale enters the world of Rhythm City as a sponsorship manager for a large cell phone company. He lives, breathes, and sleeps sponsorship and is always searching for the perfect opportunity to invest. Nevertheless, little do Rhythm People know that Kudzo will take on the role of a false investor, looking to put his investment on a Kilowatt Festival as part of a pl pl pl pl. It seems at this pace that Pearl will go to any length to avenge the death of her father, including milking Suffocate for his money.

Some complimented his acting, amid the uproar, saying he was normal. My baby u looked incredible .. u were and are so normal … I couldn’t be a more proud husband .. Keep an eye on the prize and aim for yo dreams and the stars … I know how hard u work and what it takes to get where you are I love you, “shares Mohale. Even Somizi reckons he was normal and says he looked amazing.”

Did you watch the episode and how was Mohale’s debut?