Toxic Panda Returns With A New Single Called “Thick”

John Thibane, also known as Toxic Panda, is a rapper who was born on March 2, 2000. He began fully engaging in Hip Hop music in 2019, after completing his scholastic pursuits.

“I released my first mixtape, Golden Boy, which featured nine tracks. The mixtape was a success, and it reached all of Bloemfontein, South Africa, where I live.

“I was first inspired by Emtee, a South African Hip Hop Icon, and as I progressed in my musical explorations, I met my role model, Soulja Boy from the United States.” Because I want to achieve my goals as an independent musician, I look up to Soulja Boy as an inspiration in the music industry.”

Toxic Panda Returns With A New Single Called "Thick"

“As a Rapper, I’ve had a lot of issues along the way, but I’ve learned that patience and hard effort are what kept me going, and they’ve contributed a lot to the smash song I did with Tragii called Thick.” For the song, I also got to make a video with CloutCassette, one of South Africa’s top videographers.

The video has received some views, and all I ask is for your full support and attention.”

“As an artist, one of my ambitions is to become a household name in the Hip Hop industry, not just in Africa, but globally.” My long-term goals are to be listed among the world’s wealthiest artists on Forbes’ list, as well as to win a Grammy Award and be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Apart from music, I believe in hustling because it has helped me a lot in my musical path. Some of the money I’ve earned has gone towards studio bills and other things that come with being an artist. “You can get more of my music and updates on all social media platforms,” Toxic Panda remarked during a press conference.