Ti Gonzi – Sendiri Two EP

Tinashe Gonzara, better known as Ti Gonzi, a NAMA award-winning artist, returns to the Pandora box with the Sendiri Two EP.

Ti Gonzi returns to the Pandora box to reflect on his last moments with his late mother, the day he was mugged, and his future plans. Sendiri is a Javanese word that means ” Two sounds similar, but it has two distinct parallel meanings in this case.

The first is motivated by the desire to project Ti Gonzi in his upcoming days. The difficulties he faced on his way to becoming famous and winning a National Art Merit Award.

More importantly, the rapper revisits events from his life and career that hold a special place in his heart. The day he was mugged and his final moments with his late mother are among them.

Ti Gonzi – Sendiri Two EP

On that day l really believed more power of God in terms of how he saves lives and I told myself that from here onwards the things I need to do is know that the first rule to wisdom is fearing God and that means praying to Him even more and believing that He can save us from any situation…

The second enlists the support of the well-known Senditoo money transfer agency. Senditoo is in control of the costs associated with the EP’s success. Furthermore, it is a partnership between Senditoo, Fintech, and Zvigaba.

Jiggyman, a new voice in the industry, is introduced by the rapper. Jiggyman appears in a number of scenes in the film.

Then there’s this one quotable lyric from Stunner on Steady, which elevates vernic rap to fame over English raps. The subject of lingua has come up at a number of summits.

Itai Steady sa Holy Ten akuimba neShona. Chirungu achibhadhare, munun’una wakugona…

Sendiri Two EP now streaming on all digital platforms.

01 – Homwe Yangu (feat. Picardo)
02 – iMusic (feat. Jiggyman)
03 – Havaburitse
04 – Steady (feat. Stunner)
05 – Ndini Here (feat. Jiggyman, R. Peels)
06 – Handichatokuonei Here
07 – Kudhara
08 – Cancer
09 – Muva Mumi (feat. Jiggyman)
10 – Tiripo (feat. Nembo Bwoy, Pido Bwoy)

Download: Ti Gonzi – Sendiri Two EP