This $7 Aloe Vera Lube Makes Sex More Pleasurable — and It’s Environmentally Friendly

Aloe Vera Lube Makes Sex More Pleasurable. Good Clean Love’s water-based lube is totally carbon neutral.

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While searching the drugstore for a personal lubricant that gets things supremely slippery downstairs, you probably have a few must-have qualities in mind. Maybe it needs to be water-based to ensure your sheets stay stain-free and your sex toys intact, or it has to be glycerin- and paraben-free since you’re prone to yeast infections. And since between-the-sheets activities shouldn’t cost a fortune to safely take part in, a budget-friendly variety is a necessity.

It might not be too difficult to find a lube produced by a big-name brand that satisfies all those requirements. But if you opt to stock your nightstand with the Almost Naked Organic Lubricant (Buy It, $7, from Good Clean Love — a women-owned, registered B corporation that’s on a mission to help women enhance their sexual pleasure — you’ll score all those features *and* reduce your sexcapade’s environmental impact. Yes, really.

Water-based, certified organic, and glycerin-free, Good Clean Love’s lube is formulated with aloe vera, which mimics natural lubrication, and seaweed-derived agar, which helps make all your parts super slick. The lube also contains lactic acid to help maintain your vag’s optimal pH balance during use. ICYDK, lactic acid — which is naturally produced by the lactobacilli bacteria that live in the vagina — helps keep the vaginal pH at a healthy level (between 3.8 and 4.5), preventing the growth of bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosisKathryn Wells George, M.D., a gynecologist in New York City, previously told Shape. TL;DR: Your between-the-sheets activities will be smooth sailing, and your vagina may be less likely to develop an infection afterward.

This $7 Aloe Vera Lube Makes Sex More Pleasurable — and It's Environmentally Friendly

Credit: Good Clean Love

Buy It: Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Lubricant, $7,

Even if you’re using the lube for a quickie, you can take comfort in knowing it’s creating a long-lasting, positive impact on the environment, too. Since 2018, Good Clean Love has been partnered with Carbon Credit Capital, another registered B corporation that measures the exact amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced — from extracting materials to warehousing the product — with every bottle of Almost Naked Organic Lubricant. (FYI, Certified B Corporations are “businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”) When you purchase a bottle, a company in Alabama offsets all of the lube’s carbon dioxide emissions (which contribute to global warming) by transforming dead soil — which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere — into organic fertilizer that takes the greenhouse gas in.

Okay, the ingredients and eco-friendly practices sound great and all, but how does it actually hold up when things get frisky? Just take it from Amazon reviewers, who applaud the Almost Naked Organic Lubricant for not feeling greasy or sticky, having a light, pleasant vanilla scent, and being safe for sensitive skin.”I don’t feel like I have to shower after using it and it lasts for a while,” adds one Amazon shopper. “I don’t think I’ve ever had to reapply during activities!” Translation: It’s ideal for a quick-and-dirty romp before work. (Related: Can You Use Coconut Oil As Lube?)

And at just $7, Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Organic Lubricant is an easy way to show Mother Earth some love during your own lovemaking. So add the lube to your shopping cart now — both you and the planet will be glad you did.


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