Third Annual Miss Empire 263 Update and Forthcoming Empire 263 Music and Arts Awards Second Annual Edition in conjunction with Miss Valentines 2021

Saturday 5 December 2020 saw models coming from all over Zimbabwe compete for the Third Annual Edition of Miss Empire 263 and for the first time the event had to be relocated from Harare to the current Empire 263 Norton Arts Centre, which was also the formal opening of the Norton branch.

The giant gazebo at the venue was packed with stunning comfortable sofas for the guests to sit down and enjoy a variety of delicious snacks prepared by the Empire 263 catering team. Light rain drizzles created a cool atmospheric weather with cool melodic music driven by Empire 263’s award-winning disk jockey, DJ Joey Lion.

They were all looking astounding as if they were coming out of the Hollywood hit TV movie. The event Emcee Entrepreneur Graduate Ian Ndunduma was jovial during the event, ensuring that the event was running smoothly just like his accent. The judges who had a hard time picking the best of the beautiful divas were A. Mangono, G. Mtetwa and 2019 Miss Empire 263 Winner M. Garawaziva.

On social media sites, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people voted for their favorite model for a month that they decided to crown Miss Personality. Buluwayo-based model Mitchelle Sikhosana scooped Miss Personality’s title as she received the most votes due to hard work and went on to scoop the title of First Princess; Second Princess was also Bulawayo-based model Ashley Ncube and Harare-based model Gamuchirai Chaukura scooped the final Miss Empire 263 Queen.

At Empire 263, we consider every model to be a winner, as at every event, you learn something new and become a stronger version of yourself that will be well prepared for future events.

After the coronation ceremony, DJ Joey Lion and DJ Delimar played music again until almost sunrise at the new Empire 263 Norton Private Bar Center with mesmerizing disco lighting systems.

Special thanks go to the DSI media, to the Phoenix media, and to all those who took their time to come to the official opening of the Empire 263 Norton Arts Centre.

The 2nd Annual Empire 263 Music & Arts Awards 2021 Edition in collaboration with Miss Valentines 2021 registration now open

Date: Saturday 13 February 2021

Venue: Empire 263 Norton Venue

Gates open 10am

How to register for the awards nomination before 12 January 2021

  1. One is nominated if they have been a part of Empire 263 events that happened in 2020/1 period.
  2. If you have not been part of the events you can stil submit your nomination at a fee of usd10 to be considered for nominees selection.
  3. The other option to get nominated is if you are able to get at least 100 whatsapp voters or sms to send message to +263772768290 with your name and category you are submitting for.


  1. Best Male Artist
  2. Best Female Artist
  3. Best DJ
  4. Best Album
  5. Best Model
  6. Best Solo Dancer/Dance crew
  7. Best Media
  8. Best Music Video
  9. Best Song
  10. Best Socialite/Personality/Influencer
  11. Best New Comer Artist
  12. Best Sports Person
  13. Best Actor/Actress
  14. Ultimate Icon
  15. Best Producer
  16. Best Brand Supporting Empire 263
  17. Best Entrepreneur/Business/Entertainment Group
  18. People’s Choice Award
  19. Best Model Agency
  20. Best Live Perfomance Act
  21. Best Host/Emcee
  22. Best Visual Director
  23. Best Promoter
  24. Best Diaspora
  25. Best Collaboration

Winners Selection:
50% of the voting process will be based on total votes accumulated from 13 January 2021 to 12 February 2021. The other 50% of the voting process will be based on the judges’ panel.

How to register for Miss Valentines 2021:
Pay USD$5 registration, send full HD image, full name, age, where you stay.

Model categories

  1. Summer wear
  2. Cultural wear
  3. Sportswear
  4. Evening wear

Winners Selection:
Miss Personality winner will be based on online votes from total likes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter votes whilst the 1st Princess, 2nd Princess and Miss Valentines Queen votes will be battled for in front of judges plus live audience.

How to register to be part of the performance team:
Pay USD$5 plus send your artist name and best 3 songs to WhatsApp +263772768290.

Boot camp will be from 10-12 February 2021 and each model to provide subsidised camp fee of only USD$5 to cover for food and accomodation. The boot camp will be to groom the models, exercising, training on how to be a better successful model and event reheasals.

How to be a partner/sponsor at an event:
Simply send an email to or +263772768290/+263772289851.

We are now taking 2021 business partners applications for those who want to partner with Empire 263 for the 2021 period. Click here to Whatsapp