The Weeknd Shows Off His “New Face” Again

The Weeknd is spotted again with his “new face” weeks after he first debuted the look.

The Weeknd carefully curated every single detail surrounding his After Hours album era, creating a persona for himself that was unlike anything he had undertaken previously in his career. The world-famous singer started with a bloody nose, taking things a step further by wearing a surgical wrap to cover his face. Finally, the Toronto native took off the cover in his music video for “Save Your Tears”, revealing his “new face”.

The singer has been parading around social media with a unique look, spending hours in the makeup room to have prosthetics added to his look. A special effects genius has made it look as though The Weeknd has undergone extreme plastic surgery on his face, with strong cheekbones and tons of fillers, which some have ridiculously compared to the handsome Squidward meme. The look received a lot of attention online, with some people seriously believing that the artist had gotten a botched plastic surgery look and failing to realize that he was in the midst of some stellar performance art. The Weeknd returned to the timeline with his much-discussed “new face” on Sunday night and once again faced the music on Instagram.

His latest picture, which was seemingly taken during the “Save Your Tears” video shoot, shows The Weeknd with his facial prosthetics and sparkly red suit, an upgrade from his formerly less-dazzling get-up.