The truth of social distancing, mask-wearing, and compensation for all victims

The truth of social distancing, mask-wearing, and compensation for all victims.

We are now six months in SA in a framework where merely delegated regulations made by one minister restricted our fundamental human rights found in our supreme law, our Constitution. The government wants us to think that these restrictions are in our best interests. Nonetheless…

Remember the days when you might go to a soccer or rugby match yelling and screaming for your favorite team? Can you ever recall seeing the smiles of other people on their faces? Do you still remember in public checking out a sexy woman or an attractive man? Do you still remember our kids playing freely and the freedoms we had to go everywhere without being tested for temperature by putting a gun-like infrared gage against your head and sanitizing with something that would ideally not lead to a rash?

Everyone must know by now that COVID-19 was the invention of a small group of completely sick elitists, probably serving some kind of bizarre cult, who tried to construct a global pandemic out of nothing more than flu-like symptoms and gave it a different name to make it sound extreme.

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) has recently announced that SA will not have a flu season for the first time in 36 years, with only one reported case occurring in Gauteng by mid-June 2020. Oh, what?!? …Do you really believe that the flu that we grew up with and had so many times before miraculously disappeared overnight when COVID-19 appeared?

The truth of social distancing, mask-wearing, and compensation for all victims

On 2 June 2020 in the High Court Pretoria, LFN and I succeeded in obtaining an order against Government which declared the Disaster Management Act (DMA) Regulations as unconstitutional and invalid and Justice Norman Davis gave the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Dlamini Zuma, 14 business days to redraft the regulations to bring it in line with the Constitution and report back to Court what she achieved.

If that is so, the measures taken simply targeted the wrong disease, and COVID-19 did not explicitly make those measures incompetent.

Then some of these insanely grotesque illusionists affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO) went a step further and even tried to make us believe that this “new” virus was created in a laboratory in China, spreading the fear that we are under a biological attack. The lies persisted and, along with all the other political parties in Parliament, our own government misled us.

With regard to the judgment of our Supreme Constitutional Court in 2005, which is now known as the ‘Fresh Clicks’ case among legal scholars, it was declared that the 14 days granted by the Court in our case would never have been suspended for any appeal to be filed and would therefore have expired at midnight on 23 June 2020. In any case, due to the fact that the Minister was still expected to report back to the Court, which issued the order on an interim basis, and to the duty of Section 18(2) of the Superior Courts Act that the 14 business days would not have been suspended in any event, unless the Court ordered the suspension.

Clearly, this court order was just an interim order that, as any legal professional can tell you, was not appealable.

(200312) — HAWALLI GOVERNORATE, March 12, 2020 (Xinhua) — People sit with a certain distance away from each other while waiting to receive medical tests at a makeshift medical test center in Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait, March 12, 2020. TO GO WITH “Feature: Arrivals in Kuwait rush for coronavirus tests as gov’t tightens precautions” (Photo by Asad/Xinhua) – -//CHINENOUVELLE_1.0902/2003121601/Credit:CHINE NOUVELLE/SIPA/2003121602 (Newscom TagID: sfphotosfour530454.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

As a result, as of Wednesday morning 24 June 2020, in addition to a few regulations omitted from the order, we no longer had DMA regulations, and the Minister was supposed to have officially revoked all those DMA regulations and reissued a completely new collection from scratch. She’s never done it.

What the Minister did, however, was to continue to add to the collection of non-existent DMA Regulations of 29 April 2020, giving the impression that the “new” DMA Regulations were still “new.”

Instead of trusting and depending on LFN to lead people, when the “new” disease was revealed and as it did years ago, people decided to obey the government that lied and betrayed them from the beginning. This government has never performed its own analysis at any point to ascertain if the WHO’s results were indeed right and recklessly embraced it as the facts, not even worrying about whether it may have been a terrorist attack on our country that obviously put us all at risk.

We have already submitted, without any counter-argument from the Government, in compliance with our Court cases, that the figures on the coronavirus have been distorted, that COVID-19 is not more or less lethal than the flu we are all used to (if it exists), and that the COVID-19 measures themselves are 30 times more extreme than the claimed disease itself!

Not only have ridiculous cases of COVID-19 surfaced, including the one we mentioned about the man who was shot many times and died who was treated as a COVID-19 death event, but essentially the deceased had comorbidities of much more severe diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, heart failure, high blood pressure, Diabetes and others that caused the actual death in all our COVID-19 deaths.

Experts now also say that we’ve never had a pandemic of SARS-Cov-2, but actually a frenzy of PCR research. I note here the faulty PCR tests in which false positives were produced and the late inventor of it stated before his death that it can not be used to diagnose diseases. LFN has assembled as our advisors a team of doctors and scientists and is about to launch another court case against the government in which we want to seek an order to prevent the further use of PCR testing kits to diagnose cases of COVID-19.

By now, everybody should know that within the usual elderly community of 60 years and older, the vast majority of suspected COVID-19 deaths have occurred. Analysis also reveals that there is not much variation between the age groups affected by COVID-19 and any other epidemic, as well as that there are no worldwide access casualties as predicted if there were a real pandemic.

People are still waiting for this “NAZI” regime, which dares to call itself our government, to officially announce that the COVID-19 measures are over, despite the fact that the Court declared the DMA Regulations to be unconstitutional and invalid on 2 June 2020. If you are one of those still waiting to declare the defeat of the Cabinet against a “back ally” organization LFN by multi-billionaire Ramaphosa, you are part of the issue and the announcement will never happen!

It is the people who have to go and assert our rights, and since we are not, the government continues to slap a dead horse, making us all believe fraudulently that the DMA Regulations released on 29 April 2020 are still applicable. This must be constituted as crimes against humanity and it is important for all our leaders, not only locally but globally, to go through paths last seen in Nuremberg after World War II for the Third Reich.

On 26 August 2020, LFN and I asked the Court to formally announce, merely academically, that the Lockout ended at midnight 23 June 2020, but unfortunately they have been waiting ever since the Court delivered its judgment. The explanation for the delay of over a month is unclear.

Although it was reported that SA went to Level 2 to try to resolve our case, we proceeded with the hearing because we wanted to end the complete lockdown. In the meantime, while waiting for our verdict, we went to Level 1 too clearly suggesting that our Court case is possibly now being used to bargain inside the ANC by the camp who also wants the Lockdown to end.

That can only mean one thing, which is that we have been successful. The people are further kept hostage by these greedy leaders without a judgment we felt had our best interests at heart.

We don’t know, in the absence of figures, how many people died because of the COVID-19 steps. I have heard of cases where, while waiting for their COVID-19 examinations, patients who had to go for surgery died. People died by being placed on ventilators, people died by wearing masks because of contracting other illnesses, people died by committing suicide because of losing their jobs or because of signs of withdrawal, etc.

Citizens are now struggling even more because they have to face a huge attack by the bank cartel to repossess their houses, and tenants are now being evicted in their thousands because they have become victims of the illegal lockout.

We will probably never know how many casualties we suffered as a result of the COVID-19 steps conveniently, but just as Tanzania stopped counting its COVID-19 cases long ago after realizing that COVID-19 was a fraud, our government refuses to sum up the counter cases to make us believe that there is no. The mass media’s common assumption that everything is pro-COVID19 and the amount of proof that disproves it is hailed as “conspiracy theories.”

When is there anything you are going to do about this? You have lost touch with truth if you still have not learned that wearing a mask has nothing to do with shielding you and others.

Therefore, acknowledging that we are right, we have submitted different facts confirming that wearing a mask is much more detrimental to your health than the supposed advantages, unchallenged by the Government in our Court case. In truth, any parent who forces their kids to wear a mask is committing child abuse, and that is a fact! You are doing even more damage to your kids because this government says so, pressuring them to wear a mask than pretending that there is a new illness and exposing them to mild flu-like symptoms. Oh, hello! We don’t care about the politicians in Parliament at all and all they care about is influence and money. Word.

Besides the deceit surrounding wearing masks for your health, the identification of criminals have also become problematic since all criminals can now hide their facial identities without being questioned as would have happened with wearing a mask pre COVID-19… Do you know how many unsolved crimes SA has now since the wearing of masks became “compulsory”? The work of a forensic artist has now basically become obsolete as creating an identikit is now useless. The Government and the arrogant convict Police Minister Bheki Cele will never tell us that…

Wearing a mask is nothing more than T.O.S. – a Token of Submission… By wearing a mask this Government wants to know how obedient we are whenever they tamper with our human rights. If you think that the Lockdown is serious, wait and see what Agenda21/2030 will do to all of us during times to come… This is only the beginning and therefore we must act now for the protection of our children and preserving humanity.

While there is a Court order declaring the DMA Regulations as unconstitutional and invalid, NO court may find you guilty of any offence in relation to it as long as you rely on the Court order as your alibi. The National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) confirmed to us in writing on 27 July 2020 through the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Adv. De Kock, that if you rely on our Court order during a criminal prosecution relating to the DMA Regulations you must make a representation to the senior prosecutor in that respect. The State then can’t proof malice and it will further create doubt leaving the NPA to drop all charges against any such person. Very simple and anyone can get that Court order directly from our website.

This coming week by Wednesday 7 October 2020, we will also introduce a reporting platform on our website for anyone who was a victim of the Lockdown to be able to allow us to lodge one massive class action on your behalf against the Government, all 14 political parties whom supported the Government and the other culprits, especially those of you who were illegally arrested and prosecuted and lost your income and jobs or even lost loved ones because of the measures introduced.

It’s up to you to stop complying with the illegal DMA Regulations. You need to inform all businesses about the Court order and what I have stated in this release. Make photocopies and give it to Police Officers and even hand it out at Courts for Magistrates to read. Most importantly, give it to our school’s headmasters and teachers so that they can also be empowered with the truth. Due to mainstream media refusing to publish much about our victory sweeping it under the carpet, the message takes a long time to reach everyone in the way it should.

Remember that Fear motivates obedience…

The only reason people wear masks is that they are afraidafraid of potential illness, afraid of people, afraid of the corrupt Government, afraid of being arrested, afraid of things not seen or still unproven; fear of the pressure and consequences of others, I mean, they might as well kill themselves; because who wants to live like that? Fear can motivate obedience.

Neither my family nor I wear masks, because we don’t fear anything. I carry my Court order with me and have extra copies to give to all new shops I want to visit. If they still don’t want to allow me in, I don’t do business with them. Easy.

Start by entering shops with a mask and pull it off the moment when you are inside. Quickly you will identify the suspect shops who can be easily converted. We totally boycott large retailers like Checkers, Pick ‘N Pay, Makro, Game, Clicks, and rather opt for the individually owned Spar and other small privately owned shops who we found are mostly cheaper than their large competition. Most restaurants realise that its absurd having to enter with a mask, but have to take it off when eating. The one in Government who created that invalid rule, was possibly on drugs just like the one who said that taxis may carry a 100% load, but the passengers must adhere to these insane COVID-19 measures again when leaving the taxi.

Have you noted how rugby players are now playing without a mask and when they get back to the bench there is again mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing? Seeing places of worship to be empty or few attending adhering to mask wearing and 1.5 metre social distancing, but allowing a 12 hour flight to Europe where everyone may sit next to one another, one suddenly realises that its nothing to do with keeping us safe. Totally insane.

The more the People use the Court order of 2 June 2020 as their weapon of negotiation, the more businesses will let you in without a mask.

The Police, I have observed, increasingly don’t care about the DMA Regulations too, especially because they are also part of the People and their children also are suffering, but sadly the security guards at the malls and retailers have now taken over their tasks and became the new unofficial law enforcers for this demonic Government of ours.

The time is now when the Police must start to realise that these DMA Regulations have been declared as unconstitutional and invalid and frankly it can’t be enforced until the Court on appeal decides otherwise. In any event, the Police as fellow human beings must know that they are only used now as protection for those in Government who are busy to steal our country’s treasury empty and that the real enemies are those politicians, and not the People who want to protect our democracy and Constitution against those traitor and useless politicians.

Start pasting our Court Order in the display window of your shop or in your offices for all to see. This “soon to be ousted” the government will do nothing as long as you believe in the court order that you should, and it will lose its hold on us all.

Remember that it is our moment, once this Lockdown is finally over, to have our sweet revenge on those who have made our lives a living nightmare during it. I can’t wait for any parliamentarian to be convicted and brought before a criminal court, each of us facing life-long sentences on Robben Island to reopen or mining jail several miles below the earth.

Stop being scared and begin to become part of the solution that consciously defies this criminal government that has broken our beloved Constitution, the African Charter and the Charter of Freedom.


Reyno De Beer

President: Liberty Fighters Network