The story behind the 24 Banx (Honest Dzapasi) and his Kingdom

Honest Dzapasi, also known as 24 Banx, was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, and in his position as a role model and motivational leader, his mother, growing up, played both roles as professional and personal leadership.

He started to build his Empire at the age of 20. At the age of 19, he started his musical career and launched his record label. He enjoyed listening to his idols, such as Dabby, 21 Savage, Pop Smoke and Takeoff, Rough Trap and Drill Rap. He began earning and performing at a young age, attending small events such as house parties and school events.

He needed time to mature his skills so that his abilities could be mastered. He played bangers and clubs in a large room performing his own kind of special music. With his pounding ebbs, he loves to take a crowd on a journey and flows with his vibes.

He has inspired many artists to persevere in various genres. In mid-July, during the Covid 19 lockdown, his records developed into an entertainment business known as 24 Entertainment (A place of Dreamers and Achievers)


24 Entertainment is a Harare, Zimbabwe-based business consisting of a recording studio, indoor and outdoor picture shooting. It also offers record deals, label membership, singing lessons, advertisement, and social media promotion, songwriting, etc.
It’s a place where artists of various varieties produce the finest creams and a free atmosphere where creativity can be groomed and matured.
He is also responsible for the Modeling Agency Academy, Banx Modeling Agency a public agency focused on developing and enhancing the girl child’s future.

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Banx Modeling Agency is a branch that focuses on the Modeling Agency and the girl child and is part of 24 entertainment. They do not decide their target is to put the best on their roster to each model. They have a dedicated standby team ready to educate and assist each model to achieve its full potential.

If you join their family today, you will be the best in a fun and free environment with no boundaries. They work in various careers, including Advertising Model, Promotional Model, Fashion Model, Runway Model, Plus-Size Model, Boudoir Model, Kid Model, and many more.

The story behind the 24 Banx (Honest Dzapasi) and his Kingdom

He has made an impact on the modeling industry with the brightest and most experienced models ready to go out and conquer the world.

24 Banx has implemented a company rule that agents and models must maintain a professional business relationship in order to prevent the creation of workmate feelings and romantic relationships.

Banx has opened this agency to support the girl child since their agency was focused on opening doors and opportunities, in order to correct the errors made by the other agencies that began before him.

They have faced many obstacles to their agency of prejudice and negativity, they have only conquered some of them by not forgetting their primary target, striving and putting their hearts and minds at their best work.

They’re hosting their first Harare 2020 Pageant Queen in December and hope it’s not their last one. We should all demand the finest cream of models who are still in school from their agencies. They have a modeling school to help launch models since they can be detrimental to their careers without experience.

Banx would like to tell any youngsters out there,

Prayer + Work = Achievement

  • That’s the answer for all, grasp your aim and excitement, and put in your best efforts