The EFF opposes Level 2 rules and accuses Ramaphosa of “lying to the nation.”

The EFF is now urging supporters to disobey Level 2 lockdown rules in order to support the party in its election campaign in 2021.

The EFF has vowed to ignore all of the Level 2 restrictions laid down by President Ramaphosa on Sunday night, claiming that the 68-year-old has frequently lied to the nation during the third wave of COVID-19.


The fiery political upstarts have a tense relationship with Cyril, and they have recently threatened to defy lockdown rules if the Municipal Elections go forward. The Red Berets are now completely dedicated to their campaign, with polls opening in 42 days, and they will resist any limitations on gatherings.

According to recent polling, the EFF could win about 15% of the vote in the last round of elections, which would be the highest electoral result in their eight-year history. So it’s no surprise that they’re itching to disregard Level 2 regulations – and that they’ve branded Cyril as a result.

The EFF opposes Level 2 rules and accuses Ramaphosa of "lying to the nation."

“Ramaphosa has a hypocritical approach to Level 2 COVID restrictions. In July, he was happy to call for citizens to take to the streets [to help police quell riots]. He also lied to the nation when he said all political parties have agreed to a restricted election environment. The EFF has stopped attending consultations, as it’s just an exercise to rubber-stamp policies.”


  • The third-biggest political party in SA also said that ‘no-one would be turned away’ from an EFF event that is over-capacity:

“The EFF is opposed to Ramaphosa’s continued lockdown regulations and we will not be subjected to a locked-down elections environment. We will continue to campaign normally, and no South African will be turned away from participating in our official election programs. You must register to vote on the 18th and 19th of September.” | EFF