The death of King Cal Vin (35) of Zimbabwe rap devastated many.

The death of King Cal Vin of Zimbabwe rap (35) saddened those who followed his career and enjoyed his music.

Many said they were losing vocabulary to explain their feelings after Cal Vin ‘s death.

How could someone who had such a strong outlook on life and had a positive effect on their lives be gone so soon?

It is reported that the Zikhupan hit-maker died on arrival at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo just after 1AM yesterday. This is after a hit and run car crash involving him a few meters from his home in Luveve 5. He was on his way home from Emakhandeni Cricket Club, where he and his friends had been watching football.

The death of King Cal Vin (35) of Zimbabwe rap devastated many.
The accident scene where Cal Vin was hit by a car

Cal Vin was in the company of his girlfriend, and one of the last people to see him alive was the owner of Umahlekisa Comedy Club Ntando Van Moyo.

Moyo, who saw him just a few minutes before he was hit by the car, said Cal Vin’s killer was supposed to be brought to the book.

“I’m really hurt. We said our goodbyes after the soccer match, and then the next thing we’ve heard is that Cal Vin was hit by a car. The person wasn’t stopping.

“Whoever they are, they should be taken to the book,” Van Moyo said.

Chronicle Showbiz visited Cal Vin ‘s residence a few hours after the incident and noticed the mourners clustered together. They said they were saddened and devastated by the loss of Bulawayo’s popular musician.

Cal Vin ‘s death also shocked his bitter rivals on the mic, such as POY, who was in denial that his comrade and sometimes foe in the hip hop scene was gone.

“This is the F***d up brother! Cal Vin is dead, man! What is it? Unbelievable, I’m broken! I’m torn, it hurts a lot of people. , “said POY, before the tailing.

POY and Cal Vin have been in the hip hop streets for a long time and collaborated together on a variety of projects, including POY’s Blood Money Jacob, which won the 2014 Zim Hip Hop Awards album of the year.

Zim Hip Hop Awards founder and director Aldrian “Beefy” Harrison said that Cal Vin should be the main host of this year’s 10-year awards

Cal Vin ‘s death was described as a dark day for the country’s hip hop music scene.

“I don’t know what to say about that. I was speechless when I heard the news. We revealed that he was going to be the MC at the Zim Hip Hop Awards this year to mark 10 years. It’s a dark day for Zimhip hop, “Beefy said.

Another rapper, Msiz’kay, said he lost his brother.

“Cal Vin was a brother to me and an inspiration to me. You knew that if you did anything about Cal Vin, it would be a strong and great project. I’m shocked and my heart is broken, “said Msizkay.

Top South African hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest, who gave Cal Vin a much-needed boost to his career after remixing his famous Zikhupan track some five years ago, also expressed his condolences that Zimbabwe has been robbed of a talented and passionate artist.

Zimbabwe ‘s National Arts Council Director Nicholas Moyo said he was sad to learn about Cal Vin ‘s death as a short life and profession.

“I met Cal Vin when he was scheduled to perform in Namas. It’s a modest young man. I am so sad that his life has been cut short. He had a promising future. In this tough moment, our condolences to his family, “Moyo said.

Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Music Awards, Reason “Rizla” Sibanda and Mayor of Bulawayo, Solomon Mguni, both said they were devastated.

“As Zimbabwe’s cultural center, the city has lost its young talent. Our condolences to your family and friends. Cal Vin has influenced the lives of many people through his music. Without him, the arts sector of the city is weaker, “said Cllr Mguni.

Stunner said he was proud to have met and interacted with the Luveve boy, posting on his social media accounts after the death of Cal Vin.

Meanwhile, the police are searching for a white Mazda family that they suspect has been involved in hitting and running.

Cal Vin produced hits such as Bebengakholwa and Zikhuphan, which won him gongs at the Zim Hip Hop Awards.

5 classic songs from Cal Vin

We’re sharing some of his most emblematic songs

Z’khupan’ (2015)
His breakout track in 2015.

So good, Cassper Nyovest decided to make a remix:

King Kong (2017)

Maybe if I Was A… ft Dee Vox (2020)

Jeki feat. GTi & Mawiza (2017)