The Best of Nasty C Working With American vs. South African DJs: What’s the Difference?

Nasty C recently spoke with YFM DJ, DJ Sabby, about his global success and investments, among other topics.

Nasty C was directly asked by DJ Sabby what the differences were between working with American DJs and working with South African DJs.

DJ Sabby posed the question because Nasty C collaborated with American DJ DJ Whoo Kid on a mixtape. The key difference between the two, according to Nasty, is speed; he claims that American DJs don’t mess around.

They don’t mess around. There’s no I’m gonna get back to you in like three days. No, it’s tapping in every single day. Multiple times a day, have you done this song? I got more beats for you. There’s another artist, do you like his sound? Let’s do this. What do you think about the imagery?” He explained.

He also mentioned that the studio sessions are not the same. When he’s in America, he says he does four sessions in a row for 7-8 days.

The Best of Nasty C Working With American vs. South African DJs: What's the Difference?

Nasty concluded his response by saying that when it’s time to work, American DJs put pressure on you.

When asked what he thinks should change about the South African hip-hop work ethic, he said rappers should abandon the idea that they can only go into the studio when working on a song.

He also said that he believes rappers can put their egos aside and embrace the power of collaboration, as rappers are beginning to sound alike.

Finally, he mentioned that their marketing methods for their work should be altered.

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