Tee Jay – Helmet Season Riddim

For Helmet Dancehall, Frank Yard Music has released another exclusive version.

Another subgenre of Dancehall in Zimbabwe is Helmet Dancehall. Hardcore Riddim instrumentals are synonymous with this genre. It’s even forming, still under the surface.

Dashocca, I Ratty, and Eyetal Fyah, to name a few, are well-known artists in the genre. Sound structures such as Mob Mafia, Fyah Links, and Mighty Ducks have helped to keep the culture alive.

Tee Jay – Helmet Season Riddim

Eyetal Fyah’s Bad Genna became a viral track in 2019. Young men are now working hard to empower the movement and get it into the mainstream.

01 – Balance – Ngoma
02 – Chigogodera – Kwamupini Wasvotoka
03 – Codeblax – Muchabaiwa
04 – Flex Tattle – Finish The Sports
05 – Kabhidha – Havatambe Patinotamba
06 – Mad Viper – Havanetse Kutsiura
07 – Mr. Attention – Bouncer
08 – Tasha – Zvangu Ndezva Jah Jah
09 – Waver T – Pakuda Vanodhonza (feat. Mad Viper)

Download: Tee Jay – Helmet Season Riddim