Saweetie reveals that her mom was a video model in these classic rap videos — do you remember her?

Saweetie reveals that her mom was a video model in these classic rap videos. Trinidad Valentin has been featured in videos for “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly and “What These Bitches Want” by DMX.

On Tuesday (Sept. 29), Saweetie revealed to her fans that her mother used to be a video model for some of the biggest hip hop stars in the early 2000s.

In the season two episodes of the “Icy Life” Youtube series, the “Tap In” rapper told her fans that her mother, Trinidad Valentin, was featured in Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” and DMX’s “What These Bitches Want.”

During the broadcast, Valentin made a joke about her daughter not wearing enough clothing. “D, where’s the rest of your outfit? “She has asked. Saweetie looked at the camera and said, “She’s acting like she didn’t wear this back in her day.”

In the videos that she previously appeared in, the episode then included flashback scenes of Valentin dancing. Then Saweetie says, ‘Mom, she’s not yet on’ The Icy Life,’ but this is my mother, and she’s behaving like she wasn’t used to being one of us back in her day.’

Valentin is not the only Hollywood-connected person in Saweetie ‘s family. The “Pretty Slut Freestyle” emcee and actress Gabrielle Union are second cousins. She is also linked to Willie Harper, a linebacker for the former San Francisco 49ers.

Before she made a name for herself, while Saweetie had popular family members, she did not want them to help her break into the industry. The Bay Area rapper spoke during an interview on “Desus & Mero,” about not wanting her family to have a handout.

“All of them were angry at me because they heard ‘My Kind,’ and they were like, ‘We didn’t know you were doing music. And what do you do over there? “‘” she was saying. I’ve got so much pride, but me. I believe in being self-made and trying on my own to work out problems. I knew they were reaching out and it was like, ‘We see what you’re doing. Friends of ours keep talking about you. We see you, and please let us know if you need our assistance.’ So, I appreciate the support, but for me, like, I was still self-motivated. So, I just decided to see if I could do it on my own, instead of asking for help.

Check out the episode below.