R.Peels – Upcoming Revelation Album Documentary Part 1 (The Person)

R.Peels, who was born Tanaka Mungoyo on October 23, 1994 in the Harare suburb of Warren Park, began rapping at a young age, drawing inspiration from Lil Wayne, T.I, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Kanye West, and Drake.

The musician recently signed a record and endorsement deal with Zvigaba.com, an up-and-coming music label, and considers this to be one of his career’s high points.

“Because I don’t stick to one particular style, I’m dynamic and adaptable. Almost every song contains the phrase Mwana WaPharoh. R Peels explained, “It’s my tagline, but it’s also more than that because I want fans to know exactly what I’m talking about.”

As we get closer to the October release date, a series of them will be included in the part of the Album documentary.

Special thanks to MulaNation Studios, Director Dave, Mukukuzvi & Zvigaba.

“My favorite music genre has always been Shona Hip-Hop because it allows you to express raw emotion and feelings. I am grateful to God for the talent he has bestowed upon me, and I will continue to develop it to the best of my ability,” he said.

R Peels’ musical style has been described as “energetic and catchy,” and he still has many ambitions for the future, including a nationwide tour and the creation of new music.

R.Peels - Upcoming Revelation Album Documentary Part 1 (The Person)


Warren Park is where R-Peels was born. He is the eldest of a family of six children.

Real Name

Bruce Tanaka Mungoyo


R.Peels was born in 1994.


With eight nominations, R Peels led the Zim Hip Hop Awards nominees list in 2020. R Peels stated in a 2020 interview with H-Metro that he has released an album every year since 2017.

Criticising Zim Hip Hop Awards

R-Peels was one of the rappers who asked the organizers of the Zim Hip Hop Awards to exclude them from future editions, claiming that the awards had lost their appeal. He stated:

“F*** Zim Hip hop awards I am bigger than you, never put my name on your list. You don’t deserve my effort. I’m the most hated, most consistent and most talented Zim hip hop artiste. I am done with the Borrowdale hip hop awards, I’m done with Zimhiphop awards. Mudiwa HoodStunner and King 98 are obviously the most terrible rappers we’ve all heard. I always told you people are buying awards Best HipHop album rine Rhumba, I’m done.”



  • Pyronomia Flame (2014)


  • Muchinjiko: The Crossover (2020)
  • Zviri Eva Beautiful (2017)
  • Kudenga Kure


  • Songs of Solomon EP
  • Forgive My Honesty (2015)

Some Of his Videos