Pokello and her baby sister both blow up the internet.

Pokello and her baby sister both blow up the internet. After a recent photo shoot, the duo recently shared some smoking hot photographs. They both looked stunning and definitely had some green envy from their old ladies.

Pokello has long been known to be the nation’s most trendy and glamorous woman. The self-confessed swagger queen has always boasted of her elegance and manners. She created quite a stir last year when she announced that she was just going to hand over the name of the country’s reigning beauty queen. She said, “chimuti necoup hamutore”

She said she’s now able to hand it over to her sister in a recent turn around Pokello. She said she had just awakened to the realization that it was a dynasty thing to hold over the title.

Pokello has always stolen the limelight and for some time now her sister appears to have been lost in the shadows. Recent photographs have shown that elegance and style are a characteristic that runs in the family.

With different videos, Pokello has sent social media into overdrive countless times. She often dresses in show-stopping clothing while she is attending different events. This year, Pokello had an unpleasant fall out with her supporters when it was claimed that she had discovered that local women were not bathing properly. With most women speaking out against the sentiments, this led to a major backlash. In the coming months, Pokello and her young sister will cause furor as they continue to post pictures that are simply incredible.