Vuyo Brown’s new Imvana single is available for whatever you want to pay.

Vuyo Brown, a popular jazz singer who recently released a new record called Imvana, is once again selling the record online utilizing the “Pay What You Want” concept. People, rather than her choosing the price, decide how much they wish to pay for the song in this way.

The Thula Wazi hitmaker adopted the technique when she released the track Mayeh in April.

She stated that the new single will be accessible for the next two weeks on this platform, with information on how to purchase the song available on her social media sites.

“Produced by Just Percy, the song is about God’s unconditional love, a love prepared to sacrifice for us and a love ready to love us as we are,” Vuyo Brown said in a statement. Imvana is a feeling, and I hope a lot of people will buy a copy now that I’ve made it so simple.”

Vuyo Brown's new Imvana single is available for whatever you want to pay.

She explained that she chose the Pay What You Want strategy after realizing that the standard sales approach had yielded little to no profit for her in the past with all of her previous releases.

“With the release of ‘Mayeh,’ I debuted this method for my music in April, and I’m delighted it worked. The goal is to market my goods and have others purchase it. It’s also to promote a music-buying culture among the general public.”

She added, “I also believed that Internet streaming paid too little to provide any significant profits unless I was getting streams in the millions or billions.”

Vuyo Brown is a multi-genre award-winning singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who debuted as a contemporary Christian musician in 2016.

Download: Vuyo Brown – Imvana

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