Norton’s Fast Hip Hop Rising Star “Stoech”

Blessing Mpukuta is best known by his stage name Stoech, a 19-year-old rapper from Norton. Stoech is the abbreviation for “Standing Tightly On Earth Chilling Humbly ” He called himself after being influenced by the concept of his greatest role model, Tyga, an American rapper whose name also means “Thank You God Amen.”

I had to get into the music industry because it was something I saw that had more impact, and because I was so young, about 9 years old, I was someone who wanted to be popular, to be famous. So by then, I was a dancer like I was going to do street dances, and we did a lot of clashes. However, I found that for dance to happen, there’s got to be music.

By the time I started listening to hip hop, and it was really hard for me to grasp what it really meant. When I was 17 years old, I had the guts to freestyle at school and workers, and the same thing was when I recorded my first ever track with Tuckybeez called “Scary ” What made me feel like continuity was the answer of the fans after we released it. From then on, I did my first single track called “Pharoe “

This one was fair and the fan’s reaction was pretty good. When 2018 came, I said to myself that I’m going to do the last track and quit music. I did a song called Flexxin. By that time, I was in a new school and everybody was amazed at the song. I was like ” yea am gonna do music till l blow “

I was influenced by Tyga to do music and his music and style that I loved, so I was like, I wanted to be like Tyga. But all I can say is, Tyga’s music gave me a leap to be a musician. Now I get inspiration from other Zimbabwean artists like Mc Chita and King MATAZ. The way they do their music and their art, inspire me to get to where they are.

As an artist, the issues I’m facing are financially dependent even though I have a manager. Music is something that’s fueled by money, like an artist, I’m supposed to pay bloggers and other media that circulate songs. So just to find out there’s a lot to be required. And also, I’m someone who’s going to be searching for funding to make music videos and all that. If I get all that, my music will leap to the next stage.

The issue I had to solve was that I’m a school student as well as an artist, so I had to keep a balance between while it’s so simple, so that’s the other explanation why I’m totally into music because I’ve got school on the other hand, but as I finish this year, yes, I’m going to be in for it.

Well, this year was something else, so the projects l did this year are the ones that fans should hold on to … but next year I’m thinking of making my first EP that goes by the name “AFRICAN SLIME “Said Stoech during an interview with Mr. Kiezy.

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