Norman Sikapila is about to release his book “And Now My Heart Speaks.”

And Now My Heart Speaks is an anthology penned by Norman Sikapila as the title says. Norman says the book is 65% or so of his life in imagery and in some instances, he speaks in a woman’s voice speaking of himself as he says some stories need to be masked.

Norman Sikapila is a Poet, born and bred in Hwange on the 19th of May 1982. He did his primary education at Dinde Primary School which is a rural home he then went to Gebhuza High in Hwange for his Secondary education thereafter his O’level he proceeded to Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic for his Tertiary education, studying Tourism and Hospitality Management. He has worked at the Victoria Falls Safari lodge as a waiter. Managed TN Furnitures as well as Coloursel Furniture.

In February 2015 he left his job for Dinde. They say an idle mind is a dangerous mind, It did not work that way with Norman as this is when he started writing poetry. Sikapila is affectionately known as Skaps The Advocate writes in three languages: Nambya, Ndebele his mother’s language, and English.

He has published an Anthology titled Voice In The Dome: An Advocate for A Silent Nation, which is also his first English publication. In this publication, he speaks as one appointed, judging social acts and dividing similar truths. He advocates for the moral social system and speaks for the voiceless as well as torching a light of a pure social system.

Norman Sikapila is about to release his book "And Now My Heart Speaks."

He is also a contributor in a Zimbabwe Publishers Ndebele Anthology, Izinkondlo Ezinhlobonhlobo, chosen as an O’level set book, which is a great achievement for his poems was in his rural home recharging his batteries after he left Coloursel Furnitures and facing many hardships.

He has also contributed to Sunshine’s publisher’s publication in an Anthology titled Ndiza Ngqungqulu as well is yet to be published multilingual Anthology. Norman also records his poetry fusing it with music in a special way.

In order to cater to various Zimbabwean cultures and tastes, he does his poetry and music in different genres and has several singles and one album titled Iphupho in his artistic name Skaps The Advocate.