NickLaine discusses his debut EP R.O.O.T.S. in greater detail.

Nicklaine, aka Nice Tsingano, is a Hip Hop musician with a strong enthusiasm for music. He was born in Harare, where he began his musical career in 2016 and recorded professionally with Quazor at Young Gamez Ent. in 2019.

“My goal is to impart positive messages to my supporters, lessons that may be applied to their everyday activities, consequences, and life events.” After releasing my first extended play, which was produced by Boi Fresh & Tynoslick at Phantom Base Music, I was able to build my own sound, which I dubbed Afro-cultural rap. My sound is influenced by both ancient and modern thought processes.

As a result, I’ve chosen to use the power of music to bring my African culture and modern lifestyle together. R.O.O.T.S, my first extended play, is an EP inspired by looking at how African people used to live in the past as well as how things have changed to how they are today. So we decided to use the power of music to bring our African culture and modern lifestyle together, and we came up with R.O.O.T.S.”

“However, as the hip-hop genre continues to gain traction, I’m aiming to capitalize on it following the release of my debut extended play (EP) titled Roots. Some of the things that keep me going as an artist are the motivation I get from things like the Noble Stylez-Gzee beef and Holy 10’s breakout, as well as the attention they get from people who aren’t even hip hop enthusiasts.

Recent developments in our industry have shown us that good music will always find its way to the top, and it is against this backdrop that I’m working extra hard and releasing more music, including Ekhaya, Dande, Samanyanga (Interlude), Pakuda Kajive, Sori Sori, Roots, which is an expression of my community and personal life struggles.

I primarily discuss how social media following has evolved into a metric for how good an artist’s material is. “Just because someone doesn’t have a large social media following doesn’t mean they don’t produce good material,” NickLaine explained during an interview with Mr. Kiezy.