Natasha Muz – Zvenharo | COLOR VIBES

Natasha Muz performs Zvenharo on Nash TV. Zvenharo is a pop song laced on an RnB/Dancehall fused beat, On first listen you get the anticipation that she is going to switch over to her husky energetic raps.

That didn’t come, she sings throughout the entire three and a half minutes with such versatility of a veteran.

But we are not too surprised because a closer listen to her 2018 breakout song Handizi Tsaga point to a vocally gifted artist.

She seem to have found good chemistry at No Limits Entertainment the producers of her first hit song whom she has trusted once more with the 2019 jam.

The song which dropped February 12, 2010, two days shy of the red-hearted ‘holiday’ for lovers known as Valentine’s explores the love subject where the other part is putting effort while the other is almost passive.

In the song Natasha sings for the neglected lover, demands to be loved, laments about mistreatment all in one sad but beautiful piece of music.

Download: Natasha Muz – Zvenharo | COLOR VIBES