Nasty C Biography: New Album, Record Deal, Career, Age, Real Name, Education, Family, Girlfriend, Hair

Nasty C has been in the rap game since the age of nine. 

While most children his age were riding their bikes outside, the rapper was making music with his older brother and his friends.

Nasty C released his first mixtape, One Kid, a Thousand Coffins, and debut EP, L.A.M.E (Levitating Above My Enemies), before graduating from high school. His second mixtape, Price City, produced his hit song, Juice Back. The track helped put him on the map. 

Cassper Nyovest and Nigerian superstar Davido featured on the Juice Back remix, exposing Nasty C to a bigger audience. 

Hell Naw, the lead single off his first studio album, Bad hair, earned him a string of awards, including “Song of the Year” at the 2016 Metro FM Awards. He also won “Best Hip Hop Album” and “Best Male Album”.

Nasty C’s follow-up album, Strings and Bling, was equally successful. It was named one of the best hip-hop offerings of 2018.

It seems Nasty C is not going to be stopping anytime soon on becoming one of the youngest great rappers in the game. His talent has got him to sign so many deals and at such a young age, he’s already surpassed many that joined the industry before him. 

Nasty C’s biography is a story of how a kid with a big dream proved everyone wrong. 

Nasty C New Album

We always love it when our faves give fans their new body of work and Nasty C never disappoints.

Multi-platinum rapper and KZN native, Nasty C, also known as the “coolest kid in Africa,” dropped his long-awaited album Zulu Man With Some Power album via Def Jam Recordings. The 20 track album follows the long-brewing buzz on Nasty C’s major mainstream crossover with fans around the globe anticipating its release.

His hard work definitely paid off and in an exclusive interview with ZAlebs the rapper says fans can expect great music from this masterpiece. The album features some dope collabos with T.I., Ari Lennox, Rowlene, Tellaman and a few others. Speaking on choosing his collaborations he says. 

“It just happened naturally I guess because with regards to me and Tellaman whenever I feel like I have a song I call him and we get to the studio and make it. With the international guys it was a matter of them hearing about me, or the people that know me that side when they are in the studios they make the connections and all I do is just to find a song that is perfect send it and make it out.”

However, before the release of the great album there were some mishaps and the fans were not impressed at all. Not only waiting to listen to the album, fans wanted to support Nasty C by consuming his album using the correct and legal channels. Their excitement got cut short after his album was leaked online by various websites.

Nasty C’s album “ZMWSP” was made readily available for download before his initials release date August 28, angering many fans.

Pirating music is illegal and it should stop, but in this case who’s to blame? 

Nasty C Record Deal

Because of Nasty C’s work and talent this is a historic moment for South Africa’s Hip Hop industry.

The 23-year-old rapper has signed a major deal with American record label, Def Jam Recordings. This alliance was made possible through a joint venture with Universal Music Africa.

The rapper made his official US debut with his new single There They Go on Apple Music Beats 1 with Ebro Darden on Thursday. This is just a snippet of what fans can expect from his upcoming album Zulu Man with Some Power.

Def Jam Recordings is an American record label focused predominantly on hip hop, pop, and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group. With such a great success record, it is befitting that Nasty C joins the label. 

The Def Jam Recordings interim chairman/CEO Jeff Harleston stated, 

“Nasty C is a unique and forward-thinking artist who is at the forefront of a new generation of rappers emerging from Africa. Def Jam is a globally recognized brand synonymous with excellence in hip-hop, and we are excited to welcome Nasty C — an international star with real vision and talent — into the family.”

Nasty C, took this moment to share his joy on Twitter with his fans.

Congratulations Nasty C!!!

Nasty C Career

At the age of nine, the young boy started rapping and that’s when his passion for music was realised. His music was mostly inspired by his brother who helped him learn how to compose songs himself and soon enough he started to create beats and add his own vocal on them.

In 2015, Nasty C released an album Price City and this project became extremely popular. In 2018, he signed a deal with Universal Music Group and he was named the African rapper and the best rap singer in his home country by TINA Magazine.

The young rapper has continued on the right path, releasing great hits for his fans and in turn this has helped him amass a huge following on social media. Nasty C is the leader of the young generation of rappers and many out there look up to him.

To date he has only released great albums.

2013 – One Kid A Thousand Coffins.
2015 – Price City
2016 – Bad Hair.
2018 – Strings and Bling.
2020 – ZMWSP

Nasty C Real Name

Nasty C’s real name is Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo. His friends call him Junior while his family gave him the nickname Nsika. He got his stage name, Nasty C, years before making it big.

A family friend named Whisper started calling him Nasty Cat because he would use foul language when rapping to his favourite hip-hop songs. The nickname stuck! He would later drop the last two letters in cat to create his now popular name, Nasty C.

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Nasty C Age

Nasty C was born on February 11, 1997 in Diepkloof, Soweto – Johannesburg’s largest township. His family later moved to Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, where he spent most of his childhood. Age ain’t nothing but a number in the hip-hop game.  At 22, Nasty C is one of the most respected rappers in South Africa.

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Nasty C Education

Nasty C attended Strelitzia Secondary School. He completed his Grade 12 at the Durban high school in 2014 while working on his music career. Nasty C released his first mixtape, One Kid, a Thousand Coffins, when he was just 15. 

During an interview with MTV Base Africa, Nasty C said balancing school and rap wasn’t easy. 

“I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy… I focused so much on music… I didn’t really do good in school. I passed matric [Grade 12] but with low grades,” he said.

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Nasty C Mother

Nasty C’s mother, Veliswa (also known as Ivy), died in a car crash when he was just 11 months old. He has paid tribute to his mother in his music. He single, UOK, was dedicated to her.  Nasty C raps in the song: 

Mama you okay now, you safe now
 You in a better place now
 I’ll see you another day now
 Mama, you okay
 Don’t worry about a thing now
 You got wings now

The music video for the song opens with a picture of his mother.  Nasty C also dedicated a short film about his music career and his Ivyson Tour to his mom. He has described his mother as a “good ancestor”.

Nasty C Father

Nasty C was raised by his father David Maviyo Ngcobo after his mother’s death. David dad, who is a human resources manager, was not fond of his son’s love for rap as a kid but is now one of his biggest fans. He has been spotted singing along to Nasty C’s songs during some of his shows. 

“I love you pop‼️ I thank God for you every chance I get & I thank him for giving me the life & time to make you proud,” Nasty C wrote about his dad after the first night of his Ivyson Tour in 2018.

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Nasty C Family

Nasty C has an older brother named Siyabonga Ngcobo. His brother is a music producer and taught him the basics of music producing when he was nine. Like his dad, Siyabona is a big Nasty C supporter. He often shares his brother’s music and upcoming gigs on his social media pages.Instagram content not found (Possibly removed by the user)

Nasty C’s Girlfriend

Nasty C has been dating his girlfriend Sammie since high school. He has rapped about her in some of his songs, including Mrs Me.
Nasty C gave his fans a glimpse into their relationship in his 2018 hit, SMA (Send Me Away) ft. Rowlene

The couple has a joint Instagram account, @t.k.i.s.t.w.w.c (The Kids in School Thought We Were Crazy), dedicated to their relationship.

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Does Nasty C Have a Child?

Nasty C does not have a child, but he often refers to his music projects as his children. “#BadHair turns 1. I’m a proud father,” he tweeted in 2017. 

Nasty C caused a stir in 2018 when he announced he was “pregnant”. He shared a video of himself entering the maternity ward of a hospital.  Nasty C joked that he had twins on the way, Strings and Bling. The whole thing turned out to be a PR stunt for his new album. He said he was birthing the new project. 

Nasty C made headlines earlier this year when he accused American musician, Jaden Smith, of stealing his pregnancy stunt idea. Jaden also shared a video of himself getting an ultrasound to promote his new music.

Nasty C Bad Hair Drama

Nasty C’s debut studio album, Bad Hair, was a smash hit but he had a few bad hair problems in 2018. The rapper was left fuming after a New York barber gave him a bad haircut the day before he was set to shoot his King music video.

“F**k this barber,” he tweeted. Nasty C said he was even thinking about shaving his head bald but did not want a chiskop (bald head).
His fans gave him a few suggestions on how he could fix the problem.

Nasty C’s House Drama

Nasty C had a scary experience at his house in 2017. He was held at gunpoint after robbers stormed his home. The rapper was tied up, along with four other occupants in the house. While nobody was injured during the incident, the thieves made off with valuables worth thousands of Rands including a Rolex watch, laptops, tablets and cell phones. 

Nasty C also made headlines in 2017 after a “pet shark” was pictured in his swimming pool. But before anyone could call the SPCA, the rapper revealed the shark was photoshopped into the picture. Phew!

Nasty C Car

Nasty C has owned several luxury cars. He bought his first set of wheels in 2017, a green Mercedes Benz. The rapper seems to have a love affair with Mercedes. Nasty C bought himself a new whip in May 2019 and it was yet another fancy ride from the German brand.

Here’s a look at some of his rides.
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Nasty C Net Worth

Nasty C is reportedly worth R3,6 million.  He was named one of the highest-earning rappers in South Africa alongside Cassper Nyovest, AKA and Die Antwoord for 2018/2019. Aside from his music, Nasty C has endorsement deals with Puma and AXE.