Mulatto Is Shading Renni Rucci On Her “Beat Box” Freestyle, Fans Believe

Mulatto is allegedly shading Renni Rucci at the end of her recently released “Beat Box” freestyle, to which Renni Rucci has replied, “if it ain’t directed, it ain’t valued.”

Whether it’s a coincidence or the world teasing the latest generation of Hip-Hop artists, it seems that anyone who hits the “Beat Box” beat is plunged into a whirlwind of drama. SpotEmGottem, the original artist behind the viral TikTok phenomenon, was accused of being a snitch last month, and DaBaby’s freestyle sparked outrage after his notorious Jojo Siwa line enraged his followers. Mulatto took the stage today to try her hand at the “Beat Box” instrument.

Mulatto Is Shading Renni Rucci On Her "Beat Box" Freestyle, Fans Believe

In her “Beat Box” freestyle, Mulatto goes off for nearly a minute straight, referencing her breakout hit “B*tch From The Souf,” her impeccable feature run, and her newfound success. Once the freestyle concludes, Mulatto does her thing and taunts her competitors, saying, “On God, this sh*t just too mother f*cking easy!”

“I’m the biggest,” Mulatto proclaims before closing out the song, saying, “and ain’t nothing big about y’all h*es! So if the b*tch name ain’t Latto, don’t put ‘Big’ in front of it. Straight up.”

While many fans have enjoyed the rising artist’s latest freestyle and chalked her-post rap commentary as mere bravado, other fans are claiming that Mulatto was shading fellow female artist Renni Rucci.

One fan posted their theory on the situation, and it made its way to Renni Rucci, who simply commented, “y’all gone have to wait for @mulatto to answer that.” Not quick to jump into a beef without any direct shots thrown her way, the “Can’t Be” rapper continued her comment saying, “if it ain’t directed it ain’t respected. lil mama popping it tho.”

Listen to Mulatto‘s “Beat Box Freestyle” below and let us know if you think she was coming for Renni Rucci’s head or simply bigging herself up.