Mudiwa Hood Jnr parades an impressive array of mini cars

Clearly, Mudiwa Hood knows how to give us some eye candy. The controversial rapper has recently celebrated his son’s first birthday. He showed a lot of fun for social media users to his adorable son’s car set. Mudiwa Hood Jnr is a striking resemblance to his father, and if the range of cars is anything to go by, he ‘s set to flamboyance just like his famous father.

Mudiwa has been flooding social media with pictures of his handsome son since he was born. The boy was spoiled rotten from day one. When he was only a few weeks old, Mudiwa bought a state-of-the-art, luxury car seat and a leather stroller. And he went on to purchase a few other pricey things for the little one. It seems that the rapper is gunning for his son to follow in his footsteps in terms of fashion and car love.

Mudiwa Hood Jnr

Mudiwa boasted that his son was able to join the league of rich men such as Ginimbi and Passion Java with his amazing mini-car collection. Mudiwa and his odd wife Angelica welcomed their son last year before breaking up. Although his wife is currently stranded overseas due to travel restrictions caused by the covid 19 pandemic, Mudiwa is living it up and bonding with his son. Soon after the birth of their child, the two went their separate ways, but they seem to be on civil terms. Mudiwa also rebuked a fan of Angelica ‘s three shades recently and claimed she was nothing but a good wife and a good mother.

Mudiwa is a well-known rapper and entrepreneur. He recently revealed that he will host a new reality show, starring as an eligible bachelor, seeking to get lucky with the ladies.