Women Should Never Make These 4 Mistakes After Intimacy With Their Partners

While there are some things you should do to improve your health after intercourse, we’ve compiled a list of four things you should stay away from. Most people make certain common mistakes right after intimacy, which might increase the risk of infection. The four most prevalent post-intimacy blunders must be avoided at all costs.

Wear loose clothing during sleeping.

Your body heats up and you start sweating after intimacy. Wearing nylon or synthetic undergarments can cause abrasions. Additionally, such nylon underpants may cause irritation if they come into touch with bacteria. Wear cotton nightgowns to keep yourself healthy.

Women Should Never Make These 4 Mistakes After Intimacy With Their Partners

Tight-fitting clothing might raise your core body temperature, which isn’t helpful for getting a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, if you constantly wear tight clothing, your regular blood flow may be hindered. Avoid wearing anything with a tight waistline or garters.

Hot bath tub shower after intimacy.

Getting your bubbles on may sound like the ideal post-sex pastime, but it’s not. “When your vulva swells in reaction to sexual stimulation, it exposes the vaginal opening, increasing your risk of infection,” Page explains. When you share a hot tub with your lover, you’re exposed to the bacteria and anus on his skin. She also claims that prolonged exposure to water diminishes the effectiveness of your skin’s antibacterial barrier. 

Intimate wipes are not to be used.

Because you’re more susceptible to skin concerns after a roll in the hay, using a flushable wet wipe after sex can cause discomfort if you’re sensitive to substances like alcohol, glycerin, fragrances, and certain oils, Page explains. Redness, swelling, itching, and discomfort are all symptoms to watch out for.

If you don’t want to use toilet paper, Page recommends making your own wipe with warm water and vinegar. She recommends mixing one teaspoon of vinegar with a quart of water, putting it on a washcloth, and wiping your vulva over the toilet, then patting dry. Page explains, “The vinegar is mildly cleansing and helps retain the skin’s natural acidity.”

Do not pee after an intimate encounter.

Women Should Never Make These 4 Mistakes After Intimacy With Their Partners

Bacteria can enter your bladder if P and V come together. “This can lead to post-intercourse bladder infections,” explains Robert Wool, M.D., ob-gyn. “You can have some snuggling time if you empty your bladder within an hour following sex.”

To avoid spreading fecal matter from your anus to your V-zone, wipe from front to back after squatting. “Your vulvar and vaginal skin is particularly delicate and prone to infection due to swelling and micro-abrasions that can develop during intercourse,” Page explains.