Masego, Shenseea – Silver Tongue Devil (Visualizer)

Masego and Shenseea are teaming up on “Silver Tongue Devil.”

Jamaican artist Masego heads back to his father’s land to meet the lovely Shensee, whom he called his “Silver Tongue Devil.” While the music video for the track doesn’t show off a pretty trendy kid, Shensee’s vocals bring just the right amount of vibrancy to the afrobeat / jazz-infused beat created by Grammy-winning beatmaker IzyBeats. Let’s face it, the track would not have been a Masego song without the sweet, harmonious sound of the saxophone.

One is known to have a silver tongue because they are able to persuade someone to do what they want or to believe what they want. This poses a small dilemma for Masego, who has a baddie on his hands in the shape of a Shensee. Yet Masego himself is not an angel, and openly confesses that he, too, has a devilish side. From the exchange below, you can carry out the exercises.

Masego: “You know I can talk my way Into sacred places / I know try, just blame my snake it is son of satin / They say my my my you stole my time, I say time’s a wastin / Don’t you cry, just wipe your eyes, I know what you’re thinking.”

Shenseea: “Nuh matter what / U can be slick wit dat talk / If i’m willing i will let you know / And if u are serious about ya feelings then surely the loving will show / I will have u wanting it more / Lock the devil down ina hole / Masego bring flames to me Soul.”

The music video sees the American singer wandering through a misty forest as he chases his “Silver Tongue Devil.” Other parts of the video were shot in areas of Kingston and St. Andrew.

Download: Masego, Shenseea – Silver Tongue Devil (Visualizer)