Mandie Mae – Add Dem Burden (Official Music Video)

Mandie Mae, the Afrodancehall star from Bulawayo, has released new visuals for her current hit Add Dem Burden, a song about people who claim to support her profession but are actually jealous of her growth.

The Eyedealists Media directed the song video, which features some of Bulawayo’s renowned sights, including the Zesa thermal towers, which have become the city’s symbol throughout the years and also epitomize the name KoNtuthu Ziyathunqa, which is taken from the thermal towers.

The music can be found on a variety of digital platforms. Listening to it, it’s clear that the youngster is on the verge of greatness, as her rhymes are spot-on.

Add Dem Burden is a song that tackles some of the topics most people don’t talk about,” the 19-year-old artist, dancer, composer, and actress said of the single. It discusses how people will act as if they love and support you to gain something from you, but they are the same individuals who will try to tear you down and break you.

“The song is a combination of Ndebele and patois, a popular reggae dialect. In the song, I encourage individuals to never give up on their dreams just because they are being discouraged by others.”

She explained, “The true English translation of the song title is ‘Add a burden upon them.'”

Mandie Mae - Add Dem Burden (Official Music Video)

Mandie Mae is an alternative AfroDancehall/Reggae artist, dancer, singer, and actor who is young and vibrant. With her singles “Mash-Up Di Place” in 2018, “99 Percent” starring Acquillah K in February 2020, and “What Did I Say” in July 2020, she broke into the public eye.

She has performed at the Bulawayo Arts Awards, Credisi, Intwasa Arts Festival, Shoko Festival, and Bulawayo Arts Festival, and has been nominated for two Bulawayo Arts Awards.

Mandie Mae is featured in the music video wearing a variety of colorful outfits designed by Gk Lan Designs, which is a testament to Bulawayo’s artistry in music, fashion, and other forms of art, as well as the connectivity that exists between the city’s creative industries

Mandie Mae’s third video in a year, and she assures that there will be more.

Mandie Mae’s popularity has risen in a short amount of time as her videos have been seen in many parts of the country and have gotten praise from notable bloggers, radio hosts, and music fans.

Mandie Mae’s star will undoubtedly continue to rise to its pinnacle.

Download: Mandie Mae – Add Dem Burden (Official Music Video)