Mai Titi takes a friend to court

Comedienne Felistas Murata, better known as Mai Titi, has taken her colleague to court for inciting one of her friends and a personal assistant to kill her.

Mai Titi hauled Kristle Smasher (35) to the Harare Magistrates’ Court, complaining that she incited her personal assistants, Morepower Masimba Gombe and Patricia Jeke, to suffocate her to death while on a hospital bed.

Magistrate Mrs Sharon Rakafa freed Smasher on $900 bail and remanded her until October 15 for trial.

Mrs Locadia Rusenza, prosecuting, had it that on September 28 this year around 6am, Mai Titi fell sick.

Gombe then called Smasher to ferry Mai Titi to the hospital.

The court heard that Smasher rushed to Mai Titi’s home and took her to Corporate 24 Hospital in Harare, where she received treatment.

Upon being discharged, Mai Titi instructed Smasher to drive to the nearest Western Union branch where she withdrew US$600 and went home.

Mrs Rakafa heard that upon returning to Mai Titi’s place, she instructed Smasher to drive Jeke and Gombe to Mt Hampden Children’s Home to donate some chickens.

Along the way, it is alleged that Smasher told Jeke and Gombe that they were being used by Mai Titi, with them receiving nothing in return.

She then allegedly told the two that Mai Titi was a moving grave since she could die at any time.

Smasher is also alleged to have incited the two to use a pillow to suffocate Mai Titi to death.

The court heard that Jeke asked Smasher why she wanted them to kill her since they were friends.

Jeke and Gombe then told Mai Titi when they returned home, leading to the comedienne lodging a complaint with the police. The Herald