Mai Titi requested half a million dollars to be paid for the loose tongue.

The High Court dealt a huge blow to Mai Titi by hitting her with a large judgment of half a million against her. Muyaka, who is the owner of Khloe’s Home Decor (Private) Limited, filed the defamation case at the High Court after Mai Titi branded her ‘a slut, a witch and a gossiper’ during a tirade on social media platforms. The comedian was ordered to pay a hefty $500 000 in damages to former friend Memory Muyaka for comments she posted on social media.

Through her attorneys, Mundia and Mudhara Legal Practitioners, Muyaka said that Mai Titi falsely accused her of trying to kill her and three others (Prophet Passion Java, Tyra’ Madam Boss ‘Chikocho and Wanisai’ Mahwindo’ Mutandwa). Mai Titi is said to have said that the three are members of the Illuminati, a secret society that is thought to be involved in Satanism, while describing the asserted plot against her.

For her foul tongue, Mai Titi is popular. On social media, she is not afraid to lash out or clap back.

The comedian, the real name of Felistas Murata, did not bother to respond to the complaint. The case was heard before Harare High Court Judge Edith Mushore who, after going through the records and hearing from Muyaka’s legal counsel, ordered Mai Titi to pay the $500,000 damages that her former friend requested. Justice Mushore also threw Mai Titi at the expense of the case and demanded that she pay $500 000 at the prescribed interest rate from the date of the judgment to the date of the full settlement.

According to Muyaka’s court documents, the alleged defamatory comments were posted over a period of 6 months from November 2019 to April 2020 on Mai Titi’s Facebook page, which has well over 170 000 followers. “The allegation against the defendant amounts to $500,000 in damages for defamation and interest. On several dates between November 17 , 2019 and April 3, 2020, several Facebook and WhatsApp broadcasts of the plaintiff’s platforms, which she also calls Mai Khloe or Mai Maketeni. “The said broadcasts claimed that the plaintiff was a slut, a witch, a gossip, and someone who blackmailed her clients.

Mai Titi is alleged to have contested the order granted.