Leccoo – Dear Tanya

Aleck Leccoo, a gospel rapper, poet, and author, has unleashed a mind-blowing Shona song titled Dear Tanya. The song is inspired by a father’s advice to his two children, a boy and a girl with the same name Tanya.

The song touched on a variety of topics, including blessings, marriage pressures, drug misuse, pornography, and fallen pastors, among others. In an interview, the rapper stated that the world is changing and that disgusting deeds are becoming normalized and that it is his responsibility to attempt to speak up for the truth.

I was born on the 6th of October 1993 in Harare, the second of two children, and was nurtured as a Sunday school student in the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. She was active in the religion and sang in the Sunday school chorus. At the age of eleven, he spoke his first sermon at church, based on Exodus 14:13. Soon after, he got firmly rooted in God’s word and began attending Marimba Park School. Studying the language became a way of life for me because I was always looking for new ways to express myself. I became a full-time preacher at the age of 15, and on those occasions when the youth were invited to conduct services, I did so.

The Anointed Vocals, a church music group, encouraged me to write songs, but at the time, reggae was my favorite and I could recite Bob Marley’s lyrics word for word, which boosted my writing. At the age of 16, I left my mother and joined another ministry. I immediately developed an interest in music and was able to sing at church conferences. In 2010, I performed my first public show, singing the reggae song “PINDIRAI,” which inspired many people. My mentor at the time, Mr. Zvinoira, encouraged me to do more and also urged me to learn to play the piano. I was able to balance being a musician, a preacher, and a high school student, and everything went smoothly.

In order to pursue A level education, I had to relocate to Masvingo in 2011. In school, I met Slim P, who motivated me to start rapping, and after listening to TB1, I quickly grew to enjoy it because it fit in well with my poetry and journalism background in school sports. In the same year, I joined Christ Embassy, and suddenly PASTOR GORGE on the GZU campus was the man who could follow up on me. This year in church, I was more of a listener since I didn’t want to be too involved, and I was writing a lot of songs.

Leccoo - Dear Tanya

In 2012, I returned to Harare and gave my first rap presentation in a Christ Embassy church, which I have done numerous times since then. In 2013, I released my debut album, DEVINE NATURE PARTAKERS, which features my hommy NATO and is presently available for purchase. Don’t cry, Ndotarisa Ishe, and other songs can be found on the album. Because of its poor quality, it was denied airtime. Following this success, I plan to include Slim P and Nowizz in 2014.

Devine Partakers quickly became a brand for my music, and when I joined Camous Ministry, I had to develop a music group with the same name, which is doing really well with a total of four members. 2014 was an eventful year for me, as I joined the SWITCH ZIM and also had the opportunity to sing on the BLW CUT CHOIR’s song “We Believe.” Participating in an organization called Raise the Standards, as well as being a member of the Christ Awards committee.

When asked why he chose the name Tanya, the rapper explained that he wanted a unisex name that would fit well with his concept. He explained that the song was originally intended for the girl child only, but he later realized that the boy child receives less attention, so he decided to address both sides.

This is Leccoos’ 13th single, which he released alongside six poems and a book titled Chronicles of My Generation, which discusses the same topics as this song.

Download Mp3: Leccoo – Dear Tanya

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