KulyTangu Hit The International Market

KulyTangu, the DIPO hitmaker, is getting attention for his hit single that is being played on Channel O.

For those who do not know KulyTangu, Kuly is a rapper, artist, songwriter born from a 9th family and his 9th family. I was born in Chiredzi, but in Bulawayo, I lived my childhood.

He told us during an interview with Kuly that his music is all about his life experiences and “what I have gone through and what I will go through in the future. So I can say I’m self-motivated, but yes I also have external influences like Tyga, Chris Brown, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar” Kuly said.

Well I am from a musical family, so when I was 8 years old, I started singing in church. Then in 2006, I formed a group with my brother and his friend, and we called ourselves Enrikay. We sang dancehall and I was more into production by 2012, though.

Thanks to New Life Church, which for almost 9 years has taught me to sound engineering and made me a better producer. Over the years, I dropped mixtapes here, but my first official project was my PURPOSE[The Almost Story] Album (2019), where we had the hit single named DIPO, which is actually still doing well.

For a while now, the video has been on Channel O. But I go through some difficulties as an artist and they are that music in Zimbabwe is a very difficult profession because the industry has not developed enough to actually provide artists, so it becomes so difficult for artists to actually give their 100 percent on the craft because they don’t see any returns and margins from it down the road. Financing is the main obstacle and most of us are suffering because of it.

The only reason I’m just above the float is because of the people I’ve got around me, they’re really putting their lives on the line just to make sure I get the opportunity to be who I am today. I will need sponsors to balance out the odds, like every other artist out there.

There’s nothing new under the sun, to be honest, but I’m sure people can listen to the music that I’ve released so far and I’m sure my fans can tell you that my music speaks exactly what I feel, so what you can expect from me is 100% good music, I put my heart, my sweat, and my tears in my art, so you’re guaranteed to get the best of me.

The next album will be released next year, and in an interview with Mr. Kiezyy, you will get to see me and hear me at my best in my element #EnMiElemento, said Kuly.