King Dee set to unleash his Kings Empire Ep

On January 6, 1999, Dalton Muradzikwa, a rapper, songwriter, and founder of Kings Empire Records, best known as King Dee, was born.

Music has been my childhood passion, even at school, I would rehearse with my schoolmates, Kadjah at Warren Park High School. My first track called Zistaera was recorded at Pheonix Studio featuring my younger brother Dalmour Don Muradzikwa, also known as Young D. I went on to release a song now quite popular titled Dope Nigga.

Then I decided to work with DK, the owner of Born To Shine Records, where I recorded Zvazosara and Ndiri Team Bhoo, that’s when I joined a very famous band named “Team Bhoo” before moving to South Africa.”

“Now am SA based and am the founder of Kings Empire a group which have the motive of lifting young talents like me since we are promoters of Zim Hip-Hop and am still working towards my goal which is to be successful in penetrating the International music market.”

I’m going to drop an Ep titled Kings Empire because it’s going to include all members of the King’s Empire. I expect this Ep to make the Kings Empire Clan famous because I believe people are going to like it.”

“We’ve had a lot of problems due to Covid-19 restrictions and lack of funds since we don’t have any promoters to support our Ep, so this Ep will be released on 1 February 2021. The official tracklist is out now,” King Dee said in an interview with Mr. Kiezy.

King Dee set to unleash his Kings Empire[Ep]
  • 1 Dr blacks_-intro
  • 2 King dee ft ChichieKuyenda kwaninja
  • 3 Draker TRealest thing
  • 4 Legendary kingwooh yeah
  • 5 Swot ft NicohGood bye
  • 6 G-fuseAne chake ndimambo
  • 7 Lasso ChinnMamhepo
  • 8 ClintyEmail to gushungo
  • 9 Young dee ft King DeeDope nigg remix
  • 10 Boss labishitoKupiko
  • 11 Pettboiwake up from the grave
  • 12 Boi tehn-_Babe noo

Bonus track
13 Frosty_-_Shots on goals

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