Kikky Badass is blowing up the Internet with saucy pictures

The lady behind the controversial 50 magate post, Kikky Badass, is sending social media to overdrive with a bunch of raunchy pictures.

Kikky isn’t a stranger to raising eyebrows and doesn’t shy away from flaunting her assets. A series of images showing the curvy rapper paying around the pool have literally blown up the internet. Kikky appears unrepentant about the big bad press she’s received in the 50 magnate videos.

Some users of social media lambasted the rapper for not behaving like a woman’s material, given that she had recently been married. She was told to tone down. Knowing the frantic hip hop artist, such feelings would not stand in her way. In a previous interview with the well-known publication, Kikky gloated, “People should know that Kikky lives for Kikky and Kikky will always do what Kikky wants. Kikky will never act in a way that society never expects but will act like Kikky, and that will never change.

Recent photos are evidence that Kikky isn’t looking back. She’s set her sights high. Famous for her amazing feat in Body conversation footage, Kikky has evolved to become a brand of her own. She’s really giving other rappers a run for their money.

The hip hop industry is dominated by men, but Kikky has managed to smash through the brick wall. She was hailed as the most powerful female voice on the music scene. The latest photos have shown that the singer still has the much-needed sauce that most female singers like. The fans were drooling over the pictures.