Kikky Badass – Blood Line

Christabel Stembheni Mahlungwa popularly known as Kikky Badass drop her third studio album called the. Blood Line.

Blood Line is more like appreciating your roots and ancestors. Giving credit to what they have gave and achieved. There are some notable collaborations within the project. Especially the one with Holy Ten, gTbeats and Mwana WaPharoah, R. Peels.

Mwana WaPharoah returned the same favor that he received from the Queen of the South. Kikky Badass featured on Muchinjiko Album by R. Peels in Siya Ishoma. Moreso, the Queen. Of the South hasn’t forgotten the magic that was made by gTbeats on Queen Of the South album where they composed Secret.

Three years back Holy Ten and Kikky Badass had a beef after Holy Ten came at the Queen of The South. However, this year after Holy Ten delivered his breakthrough song, Ndaremerwa, he chose to make peace with Kikky Badass. People saw this as a great gesture and a everyone was eager for this one to happen to seal the apology and confirm peace between the two.

The pre release Single Party Queen came heavy with squicky clean visuals by Simdoc.

Kikky Badass – Blood Line
Prod. Gangster Made It, gTbeats, Jamal, Jonn The Producer, Jusa Dementor, Liberaxe
Eng. Jamal
Hip Hop/Rap
©️2020 Kikky Badass

01 – Party Queen
02 – Shamari Dzezita
03 – G4L
04 – Entanglements
05 – Iripo Here (feat. Lioness)
06 – Blood_Line (feat. Attifaya)
07 – Never Again (Interlude)
08 – This Time Last Year (feat. Hazel Sky)
09 – Hodha Bhero (feat. R. Peels)
10 – Not Impressed (feat. Dizzy Dee & Asaph)
11 – Bata Chiwepu (feat. gTbeats)
12 – Dreams (Zviroto) (feat. Holy Ten)
13 – Kurunga (feat. Crooger)
14 – How Do It
15 – New Kids On The Block
16 – Aaliyah Told Me

Download: Kikky Badass – Blood Line Album