Kas The Great’s Exclusive Interview With Niasha

Exclusive interview with the Great Kas. Recently, Niasha had a chat moment to speak to Zimbabwe’s upcoming artist Kas The Great, let’s find out what’s going on in the interview.

What got you into music first? Well at first I started doing music to get all the girl cause I first wrote my first song in Form 1 when I was by Goromonzi High. So I thought me rapping was going to get me all the girls. Until I realized I could tell my story and my struggles through music

Who gave you the inspiration to make music? At first, I had no inspiration until Nasty C and A Reece came into the picture

How would you explain what kind of music you usually create? I call it music you can chill or drive to

How does the creative process work out? In most cases, I will be up and about doing my daily routine and an idea for a hook pops in my head. I record the melody in my phone hit upon of my producers and we make a beat and expand on the idea. And sometimes when I go through something i just writing

Who would you like to work with most? Locally I would love to do a track with Jnr Brown and outside Zimbabwe, I would love to do something with A Reece and Fivio Foreign

If you could go and open a show for some artists, who would that be? I would have to be Jnr Brown

What is your most inutile talent? I don’t think I can call any of my talents useless. I believe they will come handy one of these days

What are your favorite places and the least favorite? Harare Children’s home, UFIC, Harare Girls high school & Mbare

If it wasn’t for your music career, what would you be doing right now?Something in the sporting sector most definitely

What one message will you send to your fans? I prefer to call them family. Well to my Fam the day ones that have been there for me would just wanna express my gratitude and just keep on supporting

Most favorite club kings would have to be? Least would have to be anywhere in Mbare since it’s a place where dancehall thrives

Will you have any shows coming up? Yes, it’s going to be a virtual concert. It will be streamed live on Facebook. More details will be published as soon as everything is finalized.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? The internet has impacted the music industry positively. Artists are actually making money from music streams which have helped some artists during this pandemic. The internet has also helped some upcoming artists to get exposure.

What’s your favorite song you want to perform? Most definitely it has to be loyalty. The song has a lot of content that the audience can relate to and the vibe of the song is just too much

Which renowned musicians do you admire? Locally it has to be Winky D. He is one artist that has managed to stay relevant. Internationally by Nas, AKA, A Reece, and Fivio Foreign.

What is the most trouble that you’ve ever had? Got suspended in Primary school for getting into a fight and then pulling out a knife on someone

What is the best advice that you have received? First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice.

If there is something you can alter about the industry, what will it be? A lot needs to be changed about the music industry in Zimbabwe. But I would change the following:-

  1. Upcoming artists should be able to get airplay without having to pay radio DJs
  2. Upcoming artists should be getting paid to perform

What will be next for you? I can’t really put it out in the open but expect big things from me

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