Jerry Sikhosana: This was not the ‘real Derby’

Orlando Pirates legend Jerry Sikhosana has warned the players who experienced their first Soweto Derby in an empty stadium not to think they have now tasted SA’s biggest fixture.

With no supporters allowed inside Orlando Stadium due to new regulations around the coronavirus pandemic, players did not experience the usual pressure from the fans of the two clubs.

Sikhosana feels the gravitas of the massive occasion was completely different this time as there were no fans to intimidate anybody on Saturday, with the players all able to hear exactly what the coaches were saying from the touchline.

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‘Legs of Thunder’ says in a ‘real Soweto Derby’ the same can’t be said as you can hardly even hear the player standing next to you.

“I mean even like a moderate player, a player that has sometimes got a problem of supporters, this Derby was the one where he was supposed to do well,” Sikhosana tells

Jerry Sikhosana: This was not the 'real Derby

“I mean if I make an example, [Zakhele] Lepasa, to me he should have scored two or three goals. I mean that’s how you look at these Derbies and say it’s a breakthrough for the new players to acclimatize.

“Ya you know, that was the simplest Derby for a player to play in. No no no, they haven’t tasted a real Soweto Derby. I mean on the day of the Derby in our time, in the hotel that we slept in we could hear people blowing vuvuzelas.

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“The pressure as a player that you encounter before the Derby when you mix with people. That’s where you start having butterflies. So this one of Saturday’s, aah! That was the simplest bru.

“When you are inside the bus and you see people flocking into the stadium cheering at you, eish bru… so this one for me was the simplest. I think when the supporters are allowed to come to the stadium it’s going to be a different ball-game. Mark my words on that.”