Ishan Releases Visuals For “One Call Away,” Featuring Gemma Griffiths

The well-executed release of Ishan’s visuals for One Call Away marked the fourth video from his chart-topping Bhundu Ep.

Lyteezw’s music video has a vintage look and feels to it. The music video begins with a caption describing the video’s setting as being somewhere in Harare on June 20, 1978.
The historical significance of that date has yet to be discovered. The 1978 setting, on the other hand, helps to justify Ishan and the cast’s retro look.

Ishan Releases Visuals For "One Call Away," Featuring Gemma Griffiths

The sensational one-call-away lyrics were complemented by a multi-layered classic setting and the use of analog phones to connect the cast.

The Director’s visual execution of the 70s style was excellent, as was the art, costuming, and surroundings. The link of the Telone and Koovah brands with this release is obvious proof that Ishan has produced a musically superior product. Fantastic visuals!

Download: Ishan, Gemma Griffiths – One Call Away (Official Music Video)