A prestigious international award will be given to a Zimbabwean young author

A prestigious international award will be given to a Zimbabwean young author. It has been 24 months since the release of ‘UBUNTU (THE RAW TRUTH UNRAVELLED),’ a massive masterwork that was released in the heart of the City of Kings.

Following his selection for the Global Accolade, Mthulisi Ndlovu, often known as Khulu Gatsheni or King KG, is in a perpetual state of excitement. The book has gained a lot of attention and continues to attract prestigious worldwide literal institutions. Mthulisi’s literary prowess is echoed in Shakespeare’s treasured words, which state that “some are born great, some earn greatness in life, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

After having his creative work recognized for an honorary prize by the Global African Authors Awards, Ndlovu, a Plumtree local, has finally demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that skill, hard effort, and perseverance are crucial to achieving greater heights. After reading Ndlovu’s Masterpiece, Anthea Ambursley, the founding President of the Global African Awards, couldn’t conceal her elation. “I shall serve the magnificent Poet Mthulisi Ndlovu for the longest renowned poem ‘UBUNTU THE RAW TRUTH UNRAVELLED as the longest poetic assertion of Ubuntu in Southern Africa,” Anthea declared on Facebook.

Mthulisi Ndlovu A prestigious international award will be given to a Zimbabwean young author

When asked about the basis of his inspiration for Virtuosity, Ndlovu stated that literature is the greatest yet silent revolution that will restore normalcy and make the world a better place for everyone. He feels he is a humble leader who is the conduit through which purged members of society communicate their perils, despite being from a predominantly ostracized community. In layman’s terms, he is the new school’s leader with a hint of the old soul.

Ndlovu echoed this sentiment, saying, “Writing is a supernatural encounter that is also healing in nature.” He continued, “I write a lot when I’m feeling spiritually, morally, or when I’m having some social frustrations.” Taking a look at his thought-provoking essay, he poses tough rhetorical questions to humanity that leave one thinking. On page 21 of UBUNTU (THE RAW TRUTH UNRAVELLED), he criticizes the existing quo of humanity’s reflection:

What are we?
Who are we?
For whom are we for?
Where from?
Where to?
To whom from where?”

“These inquiries if well answered are enough to unravel the true meaning of humanity and self-value”. Ndlovu asserted.

The sun is beaming brightly for the young man, as he is poised to receive his first honorary literary prize on July 31, 2021, in Africa’s richest square mile, Sandton.

Mthulisi’s strides actually resemble his hope and drive to fight the odds as he sets his objective towards reaching the European Market.