Inside Mthulisi Ndlovu’s fearless book: POLITICKING (Memoirs From Within)

Inside Mthulisi Ndlovu’s fearless book: POLITICKING (Memoirs From Within).

The poetry of Mthulisi Ndlovu(KingKG) attempts to paint a portrait of a nation at the crossroads, “things fall apart,” during an interval when the prevalent socio-political atmosphere eerily mimics the circumstances that inspired Yeats to pen his magnum opus, “The Second Coming.” Ndlovu’s fresh poetry anthology, “Politicking” is the voice of a nation caught between the horns of turmoil and tenancy while wallowing in the persistent grasp of a global pandemic. “Politicking” is the poetic uproar of the millions of reticent voices drowned by the apparent persecution of divergent notions.

Ndlovu’s poems are sharp and unapologetic, but they also exude a delicate sense of a layered insight into the intestines of his varied subjects. His pungent poems are concerned with the tenuous predicaments saturating his homeland. Ndlovu’s poetry is oddly tenacious, blunt, and sometimes shocking, yet in some intimate instances, his voice is deliberately comforting, vividly imaginative, and memorable. Keeping a keen eye on social-political, spiritual, and cultural matters, Ndlovu is a poet who is not afraid to speak from the heart, about circumstances that the timorous eyes of society normally shy away from.

Opinion by: Saberstian T. Sibanda (The Black Mamba)

Saberstian T. Sibanda is a renowned Poet, Writer and Digital Storyteller @SaberstianZW