If married men want to be faithful to their wives, this is what will happen.

Here is what will happen If married men choose to be faithful to their wives. There is a post with some hilarious statistics of a possibility of what would happen if all married men were to be faithful to their partners.

I know many ladies will not agree with this but this is what the stats have found out in a survey that was carried. Check the possibilities o the outcome if all married men choose to be faithful to their Wives.

1)70% Of Female Students Will Die Of Hunger
2)70% Of Single Women Will Be evicted
3)63% of cars owned by women will be repossessed
4)80% of Saloon business will fold
5)75% of Bottlestores will dry up

Cape Town couple

In short, married men are an essential service to hundreds of girls and women out there. What’s your take on these ladies? Let me know in the comment section.