How parents influence the mental health of their children

How parents influence the mental health of their children. As such, with the slim hope that these moments will overshadow the unhinged ones, we aspire to call upon our better angels, modeling equanimity and empathy as best as we can.

There are moments when it’s simpler and moments when it’s tougher. Right now, just in case it remains confusing to someone out there, it’s much, much harder

This year has made it impossible for us to keep it together fairly, with the pandemic, school closures, the struggle against racial inequality, the climate crisis, and political instability. Now, add the potential caretakers of this fragile planet to the list.

The good news is that amongst the ruins, children don’t need us to be pillars of power. Nor does the anxiety or depression of a parent mean that now, or in the future, the infant will eventually feel anxiety or depression.

What matters more than how unsettled we are is how these unsettling emotions are dealt with. This is the case if it is anxiety or depression that we parents or our children feel.