Hope Masike shares the secret of her beauty

Hope Masike shares the secret of her beauty. Celebrities are known to use beauty secrets and tips to maintain themselves. Some don’t hold back in pumping out cash just to look good at all times.

We really can’t blame them for that. They need to keep up appearances, as they are always in the spotlight. Celebrities such as Pokello and Madam Boss have often shown their beauty and skin care routines. Mbira Sensation Hope Masike shocked fans by revealing her most precious beauty tip.

The singer said she used a meal as a face scrub. She even shared a picture of her face plastered in mealy grains. True to her nature, Hope joked about using mealie food for both cooking and bathing, and said she rarely buys a face scrub, as this ingredient works wonders on her face.

Hope Masike shares the secret of her beauty

Hope loves to keep her natural look. She’s one to go for natural, organic products to improve her health and well-being. She opened up last year about her struggle with fibroids and how she had switched to a proper diet. She also encouraged women in the same condition to follow suit.

Comments on social media, however, have clearly shown that most women also use mealies for their faces. Others said they mixed the meal with brown sugar to add an extra glow to their faces. Some were surprised that a person of influence, such as Hope, would use home remedies as a beauty tool. Whatever the reason, Hope looks absolutely gorgeous in her skin